People seem to be donating a lot towards other peoples accounts. That must be hard to keep track of.
Would it be cool if there was a service that you could use to keep track of these things? Like anyone (not necessarily the donator) could mark a donated sum to other persons account and confirm it by putting in a link to na-player in the spot where the donation was read (would of course work only for donations over $50.)

@419monk people keep track themselves. It’s worked for over 12 years. We can’t track b bag evause people change their identifiers (email, cash, group donations, dedications to others)

@adam That's cool. Good old excel will do the trick I'm sure 🙂. And I sure wasn't going to propose you keep track. That would be like work 😁.

What I was thinking would be like for example duke drive for @ChrisWilson or something, dame drives, anon of dogpatch offers etc. It would have to be tied to a nasocial account or something. Might be fun to keep track publicly. Like a gofundme but for NA donations.

Just a thought. No worries if it's not needed 😇.


@419monk @ChrisWilson We have enough trouble with our infrastructure: art generator, bing and naplayer no longer appear to be maintained. That’s where we need actual help.

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@adam @ChrisWilson Yeah, I understand.
But writing your small webapps is one thing. Taking up maintaining someone elses legacy is whole different ball game.
I hope someone steps up for these. Unfortunately at this point this someone cannot be me.

@419monk @adam I just use a spreadsheet in Libre office. Keeps track of Kylie the Keeper, Sir Felix and myself.

With the 3rd party donations, It just means I can’t listen to the show at 1.5x as I might miss the donation bits :-)

Adam. I must contact Dame Astrid, and whomever else threw a double nickels on the dime for me last show and thank them personally

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