@darrenoneill Thanks, Darren! I’m finally managing to sometimes K.I.S.S. ;)

@MountainJay Simple is WAY harder than it looks when it comes to the album art. There are times I get in the groove and other times it just feels a long way away.

As they say, art that pops works best and a lot of that is in the colors. Looking at the art in the smallest sizes is helpful too. Lots of stuff looks killer at 3500x3500 that will get lost at 250x250.

@darrenoneill @MountainJay hope I’m not intruding here... just getting up to speed on NA Social, but thought I’d mention that I had a 49 episode shut out last year, from a January through a July, then hit 6 of the next 12 covers.

I think you’re on to something style-wise. Breaking up the squares with big shapes and stripes of color definitely pops and Adam and John seem to be giving a lot of weight to the “pop” lately. Maybe a similar streak lies ahead.

@MikeRiley @MountainJay You could never intrude on a conversation about art, Mike. You have talent in creating things from scratch. I have to take stuff and manipulate it. We need you to teach us all to draw characters!

@darrenoneill I've got a Cintiq and draw in Manga Studio (now called Clips), which has lines stabilization. Pulls smooth lines no matter how jittery my hand might be. I'm also not afraid to trace bits here and there.

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