was this a failure of "micro-services architecture?"

@adam say it with me: 3RD WORLD COUNTRY POLITICS

@HiroProtagonist @adam

Again, you are all STUPID RUBES, if you don't vote Progressive Democrat... I guess:

@BlueDouche Might as well vote for them while you're alive, because you'll vote for them when you're dead

@adam Sounds like they implemented skip logic that saw Bernie's name and skipped adding 1 to his tally!


No way in hell that app and the entire idea isn't a corrupt method to screw over (or to aid) desired candidates of the powers that be.


Iowa caucus calamity .… Yang ... “Orange man bad!! It’s Trumps fault”


Well, it would be nice if we had people in power who understood technology.


@adam is this how Hillary gets a contested convention?

@adam ACRONYM is a nonprofit "investing" in shadow. Yet now are claiming they have nothing to do with the company and only paid them 60k for the app. Why is a non profit buying the Iowa DC an app?

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