Steve Pieczenik With Adam Curry for September 18th 2019 @StevePieczenik

@adam for some reason RSS is reporting the release date as Nov 4, 2015.

@adam RSS feed not working in Overcast and the direct download link shows a 404

@kgibson @adam yes, same thing for me. The inline audio player works but podcast feed and direct download 404. I know the feed was working last espisode

@followinga @adam Working now- showed up n overcast this morning.Great episode

@adam thanks Adam & Pieczenik, that was great.

@adam How the heck does Steve know so much about music and Adam curry at Mtv?

It's like hes looking and reading from a dossier

Oh @adam superb job. The guy is fascinating. I'm starting to think that you are his handler 😎

Thank you. Lots and lots to think about. Loved the "they're whores, they're whores" at the end. good iso?

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