@adam Takes me back to running iPodder every day to catch new DSC episodes! 😜


3 Seconds in and already cracking up that you replaced "with 16 million dollars of airplane strapped to my ass..."

@adam Pure Gold babe, Pure Gold! Thank you! :-)

@adam In case there was any doubt about it, Adam still has it! This was so amazing to hear the DSC again. So many good memories. Fuck the record industry. Is it any wonder they are dead now.

@adam I gotta say listening to this was moving. And a nice perspective from your eyes. A shame that this can't be experienced anymore legally.

@adam thank you for this. I was with you and other pioneers where I discovered music I couldn't hear anywhere else in the DSC days. And can we talk about the golden age of DJs. This episode was well worth seeking out (heard it mentioned on NA) you programmed it beautifully. The show you produced is a wonderful snapshot and extremely well done. A bit of audio magic. Best of luck with withadamcurry.

Just a wonderful gift. Thank you.

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