@adam Seriously? Not to be offensive but you picked that shit over the one that I did? I am done trying. Waste of my time

@NetNed Actually, that was my pick, but JCD nixed it because it had already been done a few times by network news.

@adam That was all my original work! I had not seen it with the silhouettes. Oh well. Tell him he has shined me off of ever trying to do artwork again. He is truly a buzzkill

@adam That and the fact that sign is hung with fresh shinny torx bolts is quite triggering..........

@NetNed Not saying you plagiarized. But the joke had already been made. Too bad you’re giving up, but understandable.

@adam One last comment. No where on the M5M have I seen the joke made. Heard 4 horse men, the JV squad, etc. the only place I saw a reference to it was on facebag which was after I started working on that piece and the one on facebag was all real photos. So maybe JCD maybe saw it on twitter and got confused. I know old fuckers like himself tend to do that. Lastly I thought I always heard go for the cheap laugh, what you look for, which I thought I was there, pronouncing the double chin on Tlaib

@adam Sorry if this comes across rude but I have had a couple bourbons and don't really give a shit tonight. Regret tomorrow? Maybe

@adam look for federation by orgs such as @whitehouse.gov @cnn.com, etc

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