@adam Aha! I see. It's a plot to further unleash "family friendly kids video" hell.

@adam I know. I was simply joking around. Nevertheless, pretty scary to think that advertisers have such a strong stranglehold on advertisers.

@adam @SandiaMesa
Of course the advertisers call the shots. They are the customers of YouTube. That’s why I like that Gab is user supported.

@adam seems unboxing this advertisers products are the future of youtube "creators"

@adam But how do you explain Amazon refusing to sell extreme right-wing books, or Penguin censoring Pedro Banos's book b/c it mentioned the Rothschilds? You can't assert the "it's about the advertisers" reasoning for either of those two companies.

@blowhardesq Amazon now does $10Billion/year in advertising revenues. That should tell you enough.

"....content that is sexually suggestive...."

Well, Sex doesn't sell anymore, Outrage is all the rage.

@adam Anything that makes anyone feel anything is now allowed!

@adam Two things are happening at the same time. Those at Google that care about running a business and making money and those that work at Google and want to change the world. The world changers get all the attention.

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