Reporting porn/spam/whatever of posts you are seeing in the Federated timeline will not result in any action. You can block or silence them yourself.

@adam shouldn't the report go to the admin of the server that is hosting the post?

@adam WHAT?!!!

You mean... take personal responsibility? CRAZINESS!!!

@adam does anyone know how to mute an instance. I do love boobs but there’s just too many on the federated time line!

@51rH0n3y84d93r @adam
Click on a username to go to their profile. From the 3 dot options menu, you can select to mute that user or hide everything from that entire domain..
I don't see porn on my federated feed. It pop's up occasionally but get eliminated user by user if it's not a domain dedicated to it.

@Bierman @adam oddly I don’t see it in the Roma app. I’ll test it out in my browser later. Thanks for the tip!

@51rH0n3y84d93r @adam
Make sure you're testing it with someone from a different domain. I didn't have the menu either when checking it to explain the steps to you. Then I realized I had randomly chosen someone from noagendasocial. I guess you can't hide your own domain.

@adam if you don't like what I'm do'n don't watch, if you don't like what I'm say'n don't listen.. problem solved. #Gab

@RubenAlfonzo I wasn't talking to you. I thought your account was reported to me as admin. Turn out Mastodon sends both the the origination and destination admin a report.

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