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@adam we’re 3rd behind Ben Shapiro ???

If they were genuine, they would have put us at 3.33 !!!!

@ChrisWilson @adam I guess that I get why people like Ben Shapiro, but I cannot listen to him speak for very long. I find him annoying even when he is saying stuff I agree with. I think he's a weasel.

@the0ther @ChrisWilson Weasel in that he poses as a defender of freedom but acts like someone with an agenda.

@HiroProtagonist @the0ther @ChrisWilson BS has a small hat agenda. He's a Jew supremacist and brags about being pure blooded whatever a Jew is. Ashkanazi or something rare, I think it's the only breed that can do complicated banking.

@hippieNdisguise @HiroProtagonist @the0ther I simply don’t like him. No reason. Just doesn’t ring true. Says some ok stuff, great at debating. Too smug. More intersected in being right that winning someone over to a new decision.

JP, though he sounds like Kermit the Frog on mushrooms is far better at persuasion

@ChrisWilson @HiroProtagonist @the0ther Kermit is better at obscure abstract rhetorical christianishish psycho babble jargon. Clean your room! Shapiro is a judeochristiannonsenseword know-it-all warmonger who will shout about 13/50 black crime statistics but can't mention how one percent of fake jews own all the banks and media. Both frauds

@hippieNdisguise @ChrisWilson @HiroProtagonist Best Answer! But I like Kermit and I don't think he babbles. Or he admits to it being babble when it is. Lawful Good in my book, Kermit is.

@the0ther @ChrisWilson @HiroProtagonist Kermit drafted agenda 21 for the UN so I can't trust him. If he turns out not to be a controlled opposition shill like Shapiro I will be very surprised, but the way they were both artificially popularized around the same time is suspicious. Perhaps time will tell

@hippieNdisguise @ChrisWilson @HiroProtagonist maybe a nick on the throat of my fav sacred cow Kermit. Need a bit more blood though to kill my sacred cow.

@the0ther @ChrisWilson @HiroProtagonist my goat can kick your sacred cows butt! Oh wait I have pigs now. They can, uh, sniff your cows butt?

Sucks to be on that list.....despite the accurate accolades

@adam Congratulations NA is definitely better than Rogan. Shapiro is unlistenable, never heard of Dan Bongo, and I am sorely disappointed that Scott Horton didn't make the list.

@adam Congrats Adam... and @Johncdvorak if you ever log in here again. 😂

I do what I can to propagate the success formula, but it's also great to see kudos like these! 🙏🏼 👊🏼

@adam they listened to the show about as much as I read the article that's ridiculously lazy.

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