Big news in my book: "CrossFit, Inc. Suspends Use of Facebook and Associated Properties". CrossFit might consider a Mastodon instance.

Are they a big deal? Seen lots of headlines about this. Tim Pool even did a video report.

@bigl0af @adam CrossFit isn't hugely powerful, but it sets an example to other "Social Media" departments.

@adam If they got on the fediverse bandwagon, that would be huge!

@adam Crossfit is mainstream enough they may impact a change. It may take a few more like them, though.

@PhoneBoy @levisan @adam @progo @bigl0af

I was saying to @Brianoflondon, one of our favourite shape shifting Jews, on Twitter, that people like Tommy Robinson, Laura Loomer and other deplatformed personalities should change their name to Mark Zuckerberg by Deed Poll

Watch shit hit the fan. Would be funny to watch and such a troll. How would the Algo’s cope ??

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