@adam "California is the great role model for America... Yet few boosters have yet to confront the fact that the state is continuing to hemorrhage people at a higher rate."

@AdamAtSea @adam and we're all coming to Austin to vote for Beto! (although I don't vote, and I'm probably going to DFW...)

@adam maybe William Gibson’s dystopian view of San Francisco is coming true after all. If the RV Housing starts parking permanently on the Bay Bridge we will know for sure :-)

@adam conspiracy theory fun fact: Michael Hasting's last article was to be a profile of John Brennan. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michae

@adam They left out Seattle as a popular destination. My theory a few years ago was that tech-working millennials want to marry and have children. SF’s & The Valley’s cramped lifestyle is no place for that, so they began moving up the the Northwest. Google tripled their footprint here to accommodate, and now our housing is bloated. The rest of tech co’s followed. Aging coders (and other wage earners) want a family lifestyle and are looking beyond CA.
I guess I’m also from the future.

@adam I wanted to read this but it was behind a paywall, any way around that? I don't get how the freedom controller works in this instance..

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