@adam it was wrong of Google to quit China just because a few people were put in jail for what they were writing on their Gmails cause China had hacked Google during a Christmas break a few years ago. US has 7.4 million people in jail for smoking or dealing dope and other BS reasons (actually racist reasons, most jailed in the US are black and latin people). So US really has no lessons to teach China. If China wants a dictatorial Communist party in power, it's China's problem. China's capitalist

@adam Some white hipster programmer dudes living in Mountain View eating vegan veggies thinks Google, a near Trillion dollar company, should not provide it's awesome technologies to the 1.3 Billion people in China. That's just so fucking short sighted, selfish and wrong. Think of all these super nice Chinese people!! They deserve Google algorithms too! So what if China asks to filter out a few search queries, you think NSA/CIA doesn't track all Google users search?? Are you joking me?

@adam if I were Chinese Government, or involved with Tencent, Baidu or Alibaba, I would have spies at Google spreading hate for Google's possibly following those few filtering rules and expanding to the Chinese market..

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