@adam it’s confirmed, you really do have the Project Looking Glass device don’t you?

This is why .0 is important. AP:"Extremists exploit a loophole in social moderation: Podcasts" .org l.curry.com/fnb

@adam I’m a converted JRE listener. Listened to almost every JRE for past 3 years and haven’t listened once since he went exclusively to Spotify. Looking at JRE Reddit it seems there are many others like me. I was also a big Stern fan back in the day and never listened or missed him after he went to satellite. Life moves on and I have hours of No Agenda to listen to every week

Podcasting 2.0 for January 15th 2021 Episode 20: Mapping the Road -- Adam & Dave unveil the next step in Value 4 Value streaming payments for all podcast apps, with an appropriate amount of pre-education l.curry.com/fna

Which one of you shouted out No Agenda on TIMCAST_IRL??? In The Morning! @adam @Johncdvorak (FIXED)

This morning my wife asked me if I wanted to sign up for the vaccine before my age group due to underlying conditions. I’m 59 and overweight but otherwise quite healthy. I told her no. I don’t want to take a spot of someone who really needs it. I will wait my turn. Thanks @adam

@DesertDweller @WidowGarrett @adam @Johncdvorak It's good to hear them, no matter how horrible. Because at least I can say "I KNOW what the other side is saying. I'm not in an echo chamber."

@adam from "The idea was conceived by one Jerry Pournelle, a “science-fiction writer and space-weapons expert” sometime in the 1950s while employed at Boeing."

Thank you @Johncdvorak and @adam for making me laugh at the ridiculousness of what is going on in the U.S. and the world in general. .

"We'd rather have you associate the show with 'jobs, jobs, jobs'!" - @adam

What a coincidence... :) noagendacareers.com

@ProfWorr @adam @Johncdvorak No welfare, no current job beyond podcaster.

Former / Reformed web designer. 🙂

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