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“It was an attractive goat, it was a good use of a goat.” - @Johncdvorak
“...s’ a good goat.” - @adam

"She's loose, she's doing voices, before you know it, she'll be doing jingles. Megyn [Kelly] is a gem, I'm going to make it my personal business to get it working for her!" — @adam 1286

@Mummabear QR code is a must. Also "from the producer of house of cards" the mises quote, etc etc @darrenoneill @adam @showart

Moe Factz 52 - "Build Black Better" -- Adam and Moe deconstruct Ice Cube's CWBA and bring it full circle to potentially the biggest political shift in decades

Animated No Agenda - Truth Always Wants to Come Out - YouTube

Apocalypse Now ?

Dutch emeritus professor of immunology Pierre Capel explains the 'second wave', how PCR testing works and what the so called 'vaccin' actually is.

The Dutch version starts with the question: "Suppose one year ago you was asked to be genetically modified because you are afraid of a flu?" Your answer probably would be a pretty clear no.


Dutch version:

Why Podcasting hasn’t evolved in over a decade (hint: developers forgot the users)

"You get the PCR test, and you get the app, and you're handcuffed, and it'll be required everywhere. Handy QR code, scan the QR…You gotta prove that you're not sick, stupid slave, based on some stupid test that's not a test!" — @adam 1288

Sorry Michigan Local 1, this is no longer available to you. Just renewed my plate and did a custom one 😀 @adam @Johncdvorak

@adam RIAA sent a DMCA for youtube-dl and all associated derivative source code hosted on github.

Fuck the RIAA

Does this chart look familiar?
End all lockdowns. PCR is not a “test”

"Hollywood is so dead…everyone is sick of them, sick of their homes, their bitching and moaning, now they can't get enough attention, so they have to be naked. Gee, that's really funny, we haven't seen that done since, oh I dunno, the 70s!" — @adam 1284

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