Podcasting 2.0 for May 7th 2021 Episode 36: Crawling Our Life Away -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org


“She’s referring to the Tuskegee syphillis experiment where doctors lied to patients and her response is: we have to recognize that, and then she says trust the doctors, basically. She gives no scientific fact, no answers to the questions being asked…” — @adam 1344

@adam: You will reach herd immunity if all the Republicans die and the rest has vaccinated or has had it. You’re going to reach it.
@Johncdvorak: You’re advocating the Republicans die all along, so what’s the bitch?

Thank you for relaying my call for help in EP 1344, @adam.
As mentioned in my donation note from 'Anonymous in Durham NC', I'm seeking anyone who is willing to provide guidance or hands on help in getting out of a situation with CPS due to an injury to our infant while at his daycare (No worries, he's in great health an happiness) - with a helping of heavy government overreach.

Full content of my donation note:

@adam I use Podcast Addict on Android, but this is something I would have never noticed if I wasn't using it in my car. Its easy when a screen is there displaying these changes in your face. I have to say I was really impressed with this extra work, especially when you were discussing show art and referencing things from prior episodes and displaying it. Not sure if I would have noticed this change outside the car because i normally have the podcast on while walking around or with ear buds.

@adam Here's a picture of your coin! If I had your PO Box, I would have sent it directly! I have it now for future reference!

“We have to crush religion. We have to crush church. We cannot have you getting together and talking to your neighbors and your family. We cannot have you conspiring and we’re going to do it all under the guise of Covid.” — @adam 1335


Hey guys,
Allan Lundell and Sun (smokin hot wife) here,
We love your podcast and catch most, some live. We often cite you on our radio drive time talkshow on KSCO AM/FM Santa Cruz, CA.
(The Dr. & Mrs. Future Show)

At a small gathering in Aptos, CA, last weekend, we recorded the founder of America'sFrontlineDoctors, Simone Gold, MD,JD.

4 min audio file on Shedding 13Trillion Spike Proteins

“These people should be ashamed of themselves! But you have to blame the [media company] ownership at this point…If that was Trump that gave the exact same speech, they would have called him out as a douchebag!” — @Johncdvorak 1343

“The reason why I know this is paid for…they’re all …this is intended so that when you go searching for something on Johnson & Johnson, this is what you will get, which are the overtly negative influence messages.” — @adam 1338

I’m am shocked, shocked, I tell you that another jab is going to be required

Podcast webapp CurioCaster is now supporting video podcasts l.curry.com/fqq

And then, just like that, a solution for the unhoused appears. Show your virtue! l.curry.com/fqp

“These are freedom papers. Freedom papers. That’s what slaves had. If you were a free man, if you were freed as a slave, but you had to have your papers! It’s Jim Crow on American people all over.” — @adam 1335

Donated based on the newsletter. I know they don’t have to read the note but keep your fingers crossed they do. I will be in a VA MRI at the time of the show. Will force my driver to listen to the balance of the show on the drive home. Finger 🤞 I can hit him in the mouth. @adam @Johncdvorak

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