@jennifer @MoeFactz @adam I have also been thinking that Moe Factz w/ Adam Curry may be a gateway drug for some woke, but TDS-crazed friends. (The cognitive dissonance might kill them, but I think it's well worth the risk.)

@adam Regarding your question about martial law at the state level on Moe Factz #32 have you heard of Title 32? Apparently states can use the National Guard as a police force using Title 32. Fed gov can’t. So Fed gov can withhold funding to states until they push them to call in the National Guard to do their bidding. Apparently Title 32 is typically paid for in this ratio - states: 25%, fed: 75% but Trump has authorized the fed gov to cover it 100%. The states can get martial law for free!

Moe Factz 32 - "Nocebo" -- Adam and Moe discuss the power of thought and suggestion in this journey through the world of mind control and media. l.curry.com/ffn

So I heard they are going to start burying people in Central park in New York City because there's no place to put all the dead.
Need a BOTG report!

Off by a factor of 4 to the better, 6 day old model.

Maybe @adam was right with his Apr 6th date...

Idiots 'BURNING 5G masts' after conspiracy that 'radiation sparked coronavirus' is spread by celebs '' The Sun


@adam In episode #1450 Joe Rogan calls you "Beautiful" and "Brilliant" and "a genius." He tries to tell a story about you, but they were too stoned and he lost his train of thought. At 1:43:15 if you want to find it.
The man speaks the truth!

"Why is a famous actor—he's very recognizeable, he's on a current show—why is he not interviewed? Why does this have to be Instagram? Why is he not on a Skype connection? It's good news! It saves his life potentially. We should be reporting on this!" — @adam 1228

Hey hey, ho go, NWO here we go: ‘Together at Home’ Special to Feature Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Lizzo l.curry.com/ffm

i dunno why but @adam said 'val curry' yesterday on the show and i couldn't get it out of my head


FC Pro tip: I'm cart'ing the IHME updates blog each time they update as a snapshot in FC. The url never changes, so typically FC would see that the url already exists in the database and not save a new copy. To get around that, I just put a bogus hashtag (the date) on the end like this:


...and just increment it with a new date when I want to save a new copy.

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