@adam thanks for the context on how Ronald McDonald houses work. I was looking forward to hearing your take on the story, given your connection to their work and the good work they do.

Episode 1417 Comment Thread (works in podfriend!)

Another hotel room studio. Note the removed drawers as this room has no actual desk. l.curry.com/fw4

Are decentralized DNS registrars actually altcoin ICO's in disguise? Asking for a friend. l.curry.com/fw3

Podcasting 2.0 Episode 69: All Aboard! -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org with Alberto & Ben from RSS.com including the live tag, podping and value4value on-boarding news l.curry.com/fw2

Chapter images for Episode 4 of Curry & the Keeper are now live. Enjoy this great conversation using a modern podcasting app and you will see chapter images that change throughout the show. Visit newpodcastapps.com/ for details. Don't forget to BOOST. :) @adam

Get ready when you read this headline: "The banks are appealing for emergency liquidity assistance in a multitude of currencies to put a halt to the chaos" l.curry.com/fvY

Joe Rogan: I Have A Lot Of Hope For Bitcoin - Bitcoin Magazine l.curry.com/fvW

Getting closer to Klaus Schwab's dream every day: "Jobs Report: Everyone Has One and Nobody’s Happy" l.curry.com/fvV

My worlds collide and my over a decade old self is smiling so much. An actual shout out to @adam on a Jupiter Broadcasting show during the "How to Save Podcasting" segment. Love it!


Mmmkay: "“So something must be changing in the outside world in a way that is increasing our predisposition to autoimmune disease.”" l.curry.com/fvU

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