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Adam Curry :no_entry: @adam

We're live now at with No Agenda episode 949 #@pocketnoagenda @therealdvorak

No Agenda artist documents how he makes album art for the show [video]

Confused Millennials Conditioned To Believe Socialism Is Fairness (948) — NO AGENDA SHOP

“The kid who is afraid when the plane shutters a bit while flying…[she’ll] have Chipotle and poop [her] guts out” — @adam 948

@CSB My friend is actually a dual national. French and U.K.

@CSB It really doesn't surprise me. Or that it has taken this long. The SJW's are out to get us (me) and I think it started with mastodon. That's when we hit their radar. No advertisers to harass, so they go after infrastructure. Any resource we do not own is at risk. Most notably: PayPal. Before you say "bitcoin", know that if they come after our rent money I'm out. I have other things to do in the second half of my life.

listeners and podfather please feel warmly welcomed to join in for a nice drink in amsterdam!