Some good examples of what @adam was talking about re: linux commandline pipelines -

"This is literally two guys in the park yelling over checkers. Without the video, it's even better!" — @adam 1226

Moe Factz 39 - "Hard Pass" -- Adam and Moe get to the crux of nature vs nurture

@MoeFactz @adam

good morning america is now the boule women show

when i was making coffee in the break room at the office here not once did i hear that garbage program mention riots. its activist this and protests that. and 'taking to the streets'

Hey @adam thanks for setting up the NA mastodon node. It 'sounds' like the old internet again on here...I've come back home!

@adam nice! Beating JRE and that horrible Patton Oswald zoom podcast. Keep up the great and valuable work you guys are doing. It's more important now than ever

Black Videographer attacked by vandals defacing Austin - YouTube

"You think they could keep it a secret but these guys are so full of themselves, they don't see any reason to. Nah, let's put it out there, let's manipulate the public and tell 'em how we're gonna do it!" — @Therealdvorak 1245

"All you have do is watch a minute and thirty seconds of C-SPAN to know exactly what he said, but the whole world has become headline driven. It's headline media, that's all it is!" — @adam 1237


Funnily enough, my all-time fav descriptor for beautiful is someone having pulchritude.

It was introduced to me by a high school physics teacher who also taught me hoi-polloi.

Both terms have served me well.


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