"Tech CEOs, especially this group, are very used to dumb questions from unimpressive people…They're very used to dodging questions about real brass tacks and real data because that's what they do all day long…" — @adam 1264

Every day is a good day to be grateful! Thank you to our neighbors, volunteers, missionals, staff and donors for your continued prayers and support. You are the Goodness!
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You magnificent bastard, @adam, that Prince Charles impersonation had me spitting my morning Manhattan all over Edgar, my shoeshine boy.

That's got to be the first time in YEARS I've managed to listen to a No Agenda episode the same day it came out.

Times like this when I really appreciate Adam's noise gate management :) Thanks, @adam !

While watching Trump's event yesterday, I flashed on the last @MoeFactz episode. Like a warped Nature Boy promo. Y'all are cracking me up. Great job! Keep it rolling!

This ‘great reset’ stuff is so unsettling - Thank You for the levity, @adam

China sending “peacekeepers” to Lebanon? What a fabulous euphemism @adam

When first hearing that I was also fully anticipating she was going to say “I am a mental health patient” instead of advocate, holy moly @adam

My wife just called the woman lecturing @adam a "blue-waffled c**t".
I know! Even I was shocked she used that word but I had to share.

"If they hate Joe Rogan for being transphobic and spreading dangerous transphobic hate, why are they not going after Spotify? And I think the answer is: because they use it…there are things that the mob uses that somehow become immune for destruction." — @adam 1262

ITM y'all! This is a MUCH longer clip than we'd normally do for ANA, but as it was really only covered by the hosts of No Agenda, we thought it might be a candidate for potential propagation of TBPITU. (Plus I so loved this segment, I couldn't resist we much).

TYFYC! xoxo


cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

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