"Remember: there are no secrets, only information you don't yet have." — @adam

Everything Is Fine, Trust Your Government Die Cut Sticker – Agora Threads l.curry.com/fu9

@Tante_Neel @adam Thank You. Coffee Cup Gestapo! Motivated by a great show by Adam & John today. Man I would be bummed out if authorities were coming after my coffee 😤 That's where I draw the line!!! 🤣

Every year around Thanksgiving, @adam finds a story or two about a "Secret Santa" that pays off all the layaway items at some random Walmart. Millions in ad value with all of the M5M coverage. The "Secret" was that Walmart was most likely paying for the items to get the free coverage. Walmart stopped layaway after last year so watch to see what they do instead. I don't think any major retailers offer layaway anymore. It's all high interest credit to screw the unbanked.

He does not post the link often enough but if you have not listened to this from May 2020 when @adam interviewed Maurice Du Hond you need to. That this man nailed viral transmission back then and authorities are only now catching up is the real scandal of this. adam.curry.com/html/WithAdamCu

I wonder if Spotify discloses that they have to drive that "0.1 milliseconds of podcast listening" engagement metric with annoying popups that bug paid users...
Note that if I select any of these suggestions *by accident* and listen to it for two seconds while trying to choose something else, it will count that in their financial reports as a big win for engagement.

It's a rigged metric! @adam

@adam. Look at the pod father laying it out real quick on the last appearance on the JRE

“You’re not gonna have a job, you’re not gonna eat meat, you won’t own a home…no wonder we have black pillers out there, nihilists. No wonder the Zoomers are just [giving] up. They’re being told there’s no hope!” — @adam 1380

some useless information re last NoAgenda episode @adam

Australia has 6 states and 2 territories

Each state has a 'Premier' who is the leader of the elected political party.

Each territory has a 'Chief Minister' who is the leader of the elected political party.

State laws are enshrined and protected by the constitution.

Territories are limited by the power granted to them by the Commonwealth, so any law made by a territory Government can be federally overridden

"Remember: there are no secrets, only information you don't yet have." — @adam

@Johncdvorak: You’re an optimist, you’re the optimist.
@adam: I’ve got to be the optimist, I have much longer to live, theoretically!

Podcasting 2.0 for October 15th 2021 Episode 58: Activity in the Pub! -- Adam & Dave discuss the week's developments on podcastindex.org with news about the all new podcasterwallet.com l.curry.com/fu4

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