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Nothing here
Just enjoying staying outside doing something

Today, in a middle of a crisis. I came out with an idea to just make a feature in another way. I create a solution that will maintain a 2Me revenue to the company.
As the customer was not happy with the previous sample and requested to remove a feature as well the premium price over it.
I found a way to keep big bosses happy and the customer....
It's something that 1.8M people will use per year and they don't have any idea that this exists...
But I'm happy today..well done to myself...

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Tomorrow I will buy a new grill.
The options are Weber Genesis II 335 or Napoleon Rogue RXT 525IB

Any thoughts?

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Linux was invented to stop family members from asking you to fix their computer.

When they know your answer is gonna be "Lemme install Linux on it" they don't ask.

haha... just listen that a company that cannot be named got a claim from an important customer that the document they issued on the days of summer time change has calculated the birthday one day plus, due to a bug in the system.
This is a case that could be complete avoid if there was no summer time change.
The sad side is that decision makers (the one that don't take decision, just sit on top of problems) will never know about such cases and all the money lost on people work/time and rework.

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Just out of curiosity I took a look at this island that I visited when I was 10 years old. I remember the guide saying that we are lucky to visit it while the island was not separated by the high sea level. But in a few years, according to scientists, it will happen.
the island is the same 30 plus years later...

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