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A guide on setting up your NixOS Desktop with all the essential Applications, Tools, and Games to make your experience with NixOS great

This morning I received the news that my mother passed away. Thank you mom.

getting a table to work in latex is a nightmare, but when ready... it's the best piece of art..I mean code

Most of the time, the problem is that we don't know what is the problem.

got a feedback from my teacher, regarding my my writings about "eco-lables"

....You are critical to environmental management in general, and you have reasonings for those. ...


Big bosses are in panic mode.
And the problem were caused by their decisions few months ago.

I was trying to fix a problem in my server. Couldn't not figure out the problem and running out of time.

The solution is simple

Wipe everything, add a a larger SSD and reinstall server OS

This is what Build Back Better means

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Everything clean and most critical part is reassembled

building up courage to dismantle this beast.
Does anyone has experienced replacing the spider arm?

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