@adam Just caught your convo about music licensing and podcasting. I worked on podcasts in their infancy at Pandora. When we started doing Questlove Supreme the solution that was used to get over certain DRM licensing rules was to set a live time and then loop it 24/7. It took a while for the lawyers to get with the labels and rights agencies to get it to where we could make it on demand. (The interface was still janky because of product limitations at the time)

The GOP are semi-fascists. The Dems are semi-fascists. Put them together and you get Congress.

Red or Blue, no matter who, We the People still get screwed.

The status quo will remain until the majority realize they need to opt out of the two party system.

How come there's no push back when corporations are bailed out and wars are funded? And, let's face it, 20k is barely a drop in the bucket for anyone with actual student loan debt. The whole thing is a political ploy and yet another joke. Get rid of both parties and turn off corporate media. SMH

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Real solutions won't start until you start voting exclusively 3rd party. Otherwise, you're just propping up a broken (but very well financed) system.

I've been thinking about this whole Netflix hullabaloo. Given their recent slump in subs and subsequent company memo, I think Netflix is going to turn to porn to make up for the losses.

Searching for a good VPN. Any recs? I know John mentioned it on the show recently but I can't recall.

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In order to truly find spirit, one must lose religion.

In other words, the idea that someone else can "fix" your problems becomes inherent. Self-reliance becomes an afterthought. But the inherent need to be compassionate is still there--hence woke-ism. People want to be sovereign, caring, compassionate beings. But the suffocation of passage through mis-placed servitude has created a confused state of me vs. you when neither me nor you wishes to actually harm the other while inadvertently doings so at the whims of unseen masters.

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I've lived half my life in rural areas and the other half in Urban areas. Here's the thing...urban areas are saturated with rentals and societal institutions. Rural areas require more assistance from neighbors (from each other). So, these "liberal" areas of urbanization are really incubators where folks learn that their problems can be solved by someone else. It's in the living structure. It makes it easier to facilitate "communist" programming. Starve them and they will comply.

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Seeing all you folks bitch about the Dems not realizing the GOP is as bad and just a part of the same bird makes for large eye rolls.

For the Gen X-ers. Sit back enjoy a nice little upbeat tune and reminisce a little...


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@KingCombaticus @nessworks

There is nothing like a Dame!

My second ANA (so forgive the flubs please as I still had a LOT to learn - heck I still have a lot to learn!): youtu.be/igqa6zPRwXY

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