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One pissed off subway rider / “it’s propaganda” / “divide and conquer”

So another thing that's been bugging me...how come no one mentions the fact that since you can't sue big pharma for vax injury that burden falls to the CDC? That means the CDC is inherently set up to defend and back big pharma regardless of safety or efficacy. Something to ponder...

57 in numerology is 5 + 7 = 12. 1 + 2 = 3.
The year of change.

Voting YES on the CA recall (of course). But I still can't get behind any of the candidates. So, I wrote myself in. AARON L HERN for Governor! Pass it on! Write me IN (the morning!)!

Yes the Biden Admin totally mishandled leaving Afghanistan. But it needed to be done. We need to remember it started with Bush and carried all the way through. Red Goldman Sachs is just as complicit as Blue Goldman Sachs. We gotta stop taking sides and really look at things objectively. Endless wars are unnecessary to everyone except the MIC. Let's not forget that the Red team is just as horrible as the Blue team. They just distract the people with blame and bluster.

I keep wondering why there hasn't been a lawyer who has taken vaccine status/passports up using HIPPA?

Between current circumstances and AZT shouldn't "Dr." Fauci be considered the most prolific serial killer in history?

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In regards to the child vaccine boosters. The Tdap is the only one that has a "booster." There are quite a few that are a series. I've be very vaccine "hesitant" for a while. But with SB 277 in CA I relented when we moved back. However, after reading SB 277, paragraph 2 clearly states kids with IEP's that would be affected by removal are exempt. My son has an IEP built around socialization. The nurse was pissed when I informed her he needed to go back to class.

As a CA voter, I'm definitely voting "yes" for the recall. But, damn, I am not enthused about the candidates. Especially since I really don't vote for GOP or Dems. In fact, I recently heard the parties referred to as "Red Goldman Sachs and Blue Goldman Sachs." That is a perfect description. The status quo will be maintained until people pull up their big kid pants and vote for non-affiliated candidates. But I guess, that's just like, my opinion man.

I really feel like America would do better without political parties. Let's vote for candidates not syndicates.

Sure Afghanistan is a fiasco. Probably not intentional, but it sort of feels like a bug zapper. Distract and destroy. All the while people are criticizing Biden and the fallout, there's a dirty cop behind the scenes probably doing dirty cop things...

As a Northern Californian, what really frustrates me is how these wildfires are all about "climate change." Yet two of the biggest in CA history were caused by PG&E (Campfire and the current Dixie). That should get way more press than it does. Greed is a much bigger problem than "climate change."

On the way home from school today my son says, "hey dad, if someone steals a Tesla does that make it an Edison?" hahaha

I have a special lady friend who turned down a job because they wanted her to agree to the vax. So proud of her.

Excited to start Law School next week. Wish I had done it 10 years ago. I'd be suing the shit out of some pharmaceutical companies right now. haha

Has anyone broached the subject that the vaccines are actually making the virus more resistant because the vaccines don't actually stave the virus off? I think the reality we actually have is a pandemic of the vaccinated.

The Confederacy won. Not in the Civil War. Through corpratism.

@adam @Johncdvorak
Glad you two touched on this in yesterday's show...my neighbor's have been skipping out on rent (though, I know they still have income...the wife is a healthcare worker). But, how do I know? Well, my bathroom floor is coming up because the seal around my toilet is leaking. The property management company knows and their floor guy has come to survey the work (it's a small bathroom for what it's worth). But, no work. Because they haven't paid rent. Owner can't fix our issue

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