LOL Freedom Toons
Watch "Tucker Carlson Haunts Celebrities Nightmares" on YouTube

Count Dankula on Prof. Ted
Watch "Absolute Mad Lads - Ted Kaczynski" on YouTube

There not just losing their minds over on Twitter but Discord too.

Coach Red Pill is currently in Kiev
Watch "What Russia Wants From Its Invasion of Ukraine—and Why Zelensky Is Evil" on YouTube

I saw the headline and immediately thought:"Yes, we have to stop electing them."

Column: L.A.'s mental illness crisis: We have to do better - Los Angeles Times 

Dr. John Campbell
Watch "Were lockdowns ineffective?" on YouTube

Dr. John Campbell
Watch "Multifactorial hospital admissions" on YouTube

Dr. John Campbell. Covid deaths w/o other underlying causes much lower than reported.
Watch "Freedom of information revelation" on YouTube

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