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Halfway through rebuilding the front suspension. Center link is out along with the steering box. Upper and lower ball joints are installed. Lowers ball joints were blown out. Steering dampener was out as well. Pitman arm had play. Still need to inspect it now that it’s out.

Narrative: Smear Trump with war crimes.
The only reason they are reporting on it now is because Trump tweeted about this last month and had him moved from the brig to lower security holding pretrial.

Watch "Navy SEALs Tried for Months to Report Superior for War Crimes and Were Told to “Let It Go”" on YouTube

In depth background on Navy SEAL charged with war crimes. Mentioned on today's No Agenda show.
Watch "Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher" on YouTube

Watch "George Papadopoulos Explains How He Was Illegally Spied on by the Obama Administration" on YouTube

Mortal Kombat manually copyright claims YouTuber's video due to criticism.
Watch "Struck Down On Easter Over MK11 Criticism" on YouTube

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