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Also here's a fun little article from 2012 of HuffPost admitting they are racists and selectively inform people to continue a narrative.

So what happened to You Are Here? Is it dead? It's been over a month now since a new episode.

If there’s one thing the taught me about β€œleaks”, is that they’re almost always intentional.

Anyone know a good free tool to use to track the twitter meltdown? I want to see how many right wing accounts are gaining followers and how many bots are unfollowing lefties.

Sigh of relief. Echo chamber much? Also no sight of "opinion" listed in any of these articles. Classic.


Over/under Rogan supports O'Rourke or doesn't support Abbott

Imagine if Toyota or GM were fined or sued every time some asshole killed someone for speeding. Watch their commercials they clearly market the car to go fast and speed but at the end of the day it is your responsibility on how you use the product.

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