I just took the Disney vaccine and now I'm anti-racist πŸ™

So uh when can I expect a notification regarding a story about a certain phone call and president that ended up being bull? Still holding my breath...

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It's happening. At 3-4:30pm PST a plane will be flying a banner over San Francisco that says


and I slid the pilot some extra $$ to circle right above RobinHood's HQ for a while. Go take some photos, I don't even live there πŸ˜‚

Here’s the flight path:

@adam I took €400 out of ETH and put it in AMC at market close, hoping for big things on Monday but gf wasn't too happy. I will stop being a douchebag if this pays off.

Amazing how in only 5 days California turned nearly 400 days of rampant out of control COVID cases. Joe truly shut down the virus.

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JUST IN - California lifts #COVID19 stay-at-home order for all regions just days after Joe Biden took office.

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