@YorkshireTea One big mystery.
Nothing to do with any pharmaceutical.

@SirHendrick most definitely, we can rule that one out straight away, just ask an expert. ;)


Not being medical I'd not like to take a jab at it. Would be a long shot for me to guess correctly.

@YorkshireTea -- In this timeline we can all come up with a reason.

@philcolbourn @YorkshireTea ding ding ding

The only possibility is a total vascular failure and all veins were blocked. You put them in a row and measure.

Or it is fake.

@YorkshireTea @CapitalB
seems '6 feet of' has been reported as '6 foot-long'

still... seems bad

@YorkshireTea 3 have no previous. 2 have history when a child but no incidents in years.

One was definitely after 12 months vaccine.

This week they all have a sickness bug.

I don't remember kids being so I'll.

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