Seems like there's a new narrative out there folks.

@YorkshireTea everybody will live in communist apartments with thin walls, owned by the state
@eee @KashKustomer @YorkshireTea this behavior is considered cool and funny nowadays, this is what society has come to, in other times this person would have been stoned to death.
@KashKustomer @YorkshireTea @eee yea its hard to disagree with a corpse who has 7 bullets in his head
@YorkshireTea Come on, goy! (((Landlords))) are your greatest ally!

@YorkshireTea I might add that there are 2 housing units for every Canadian in Canada. Their house prices are even pricier than the US. What affects their housing prices are the low interest rates, ability to money launder thru property, Chinese investors, and high demand.

@YorkshireTea So is Lloyd Banks affiliated with Black Rock? Because it sounds like Black Rock is paying journalists to get us to rent to have the market “survive.”

@gear I think all the big players will be in the game. Eternal Serfdom = Easy Money

@YorkshireTea There is some truth to the fourth image. BlackRock is subsidized by the Federal Reserve and zoning laws and property taxes limit the construction of new houses. So yeah, it is the government.

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