@YorkshireTea i was on the halifax subreddit. Some people are saying theyre going to continue to go in stores with masks on even after all this is "done" and a lot of comments agreeing.

Bunch of fucking retards.. id rather have a meteor hit than deal with this medical tyrany...god...

@MrTWatson they're just sheep and cowards mostly. I'm sure most would ditch the mask so long as they weren't seen to be the first in their herd to do it. They're all now trapped by the absurdity of herd mentality.

Only a en masse unmasking by the collective will get them out of their mental prison lol.

@YorkshireTea The social experiment is complete and the results should scare anyone still capable of rational thought.

@TechyDog the last 18 months have been a real eye opener !

@YorkshireTea been mask free almost two weeks now. If you cut the age pool in half, a vast number of 50+ no mask, under 50 mostly mask. Lol

@Kaiserhase the demographics at least risk too. Depressing stuff.

@Terry @YorkshireTea like what? I only watched about 20 seconds

I'm on a covid free data diet
@oxblood @YorkshireTea
people are still freaking out and wearing masks by themselves out in the park
@Terry @YorkshireTea oh

Well Im outside in the city now and the only people I see wear masks outside are Chinese students who wore them before this chaos anyway
@Terry @YorkshireTea I'm more concerned about when I sit on a park bench for my fag and some parents sit their tiny toddler next to me when I specifically sat alone to not blow smoke at children
@Terry @YorkshireTea I feel bad for Chinese people under the grip of the ccp. The propaganda and control is immense. Its everywhere. All over the world. I suspected the people doing things like that photo were being paid by ccp
@Terry @YorkshireTea have you seen how the social credit scores work because its mind blowing
@oxblood @YorkshireTea
they most likely were and europeans went along with it. I feel like for half the population of Europe/North America if the TV said it was racist to NOT drink toliet water they'd be all lapping that up like it was the nectar of the gods.
@Terry @oxblood @YorkshireTea
I used to hear if I saw people jumping into a well would I do it too and I thought that who would do stupid shit because of peer pressure. I was proven completely wrong over the years and people will jumps off a bridge or into a well if they see others doing it.
The absolute state of nigger cattle.
@oxblood @Terry @YorkshireTea
I don't. The Chinese are very defensive about themselves and their ways and deserve zero sympathy. They also hate you and love Jews.
@nignig @Terry @YorkshireTea if you'd been raised in a prison for profit for a dictatorship, with the wool covered over your eyes from birth, with propaganda injections every second, you'd be exactly the same. It's stupidity to think that you'd be any different. Even if you changed country, because the ccp are everywhere. They never leave you. They control even us, and most people don't even know it.
@oxblood @Terry @YorkshireTea
don't care go back to china and fuck off from other people's countries also chinks deliberately spread the corona in italy by playing the race game
@11112011 @oxblood @YorkshireTea
the hysteria has seem to have mostly died down where I live. there are still mask signs on all the buildings but I went into the supermarket the other day with no mask and nobody said shit. the only customers that were still wearing masks were the black ones. Make of that what you will.
@Terry @YorkshireTea @oxblood that s kinda my point u see a lot of histeria from americans on fedi here its over u want vax u get u dont want u dont get ppl got back to life

@11112011 @oxblood @Terry aside from masking it's hard for me to judge the overall mental state of people around me.

Dog walkers I meet all seem relaxed.

I know of a few bed wetters in my family & social circle though. They've lightened up recently to some extent after their jabs but they ain't fully rational. I just avoid them now, I have no time or patience for them.

@Terry @oxblood I've not been in my local town center that much due to the requirement to mask up in stores. I refuse to wear one so rarely give em my business now.

In town outdoor masking was quite prevalent a couple of weeks ago, maybe 50-60% and we've never even had an outdoor mandate here !

I recently had a weeks holiuday at the coast and there it was much less, maybe 10-15% max.

If do go in a store or supermarket it's usually 99.999%, ie just me!

@YorkshireTea @oxblood
do you guys have the equivalent of an Anthony Fauci in the UK? Some Idolized bureaucrat

@Terry @oxblood We have a double act. Whitty and Vallance. Proper Doom & Gloom merchants.

No matter how far off all their predictions of death and destruction prove to be the Media still lick their boots and report their predictions like they're Nosra fucking Damus. Classic was 4,000 deaths a day by November! We were below 400 on Christmas Day!

This proved to me that people don't even know why they have to wear masks anymore.
@YorkshireTea I was down in Brighton yesterday and everyone with dyed hair was wearing a mask and giving the stinkeye to anyone who wasn't.

@SADIDAS I would expect nothing else in the leftist Capitol of the UK that is Brighton lol.

Just smile/smirk at the morons.

@YorkshireTea Brighton used to be a nice place to visit but now it's besieged by homeless people, crackheads, angry blue haired feminists and obese shaven headed troons. There's BLM and ANTIFA propaganda everywhere. The uglification of a once vibrant, open minded and vibrant city is very sad.

@YorkshireTea I shouldn't be given the privilege NOT to wear a mask. Wtf?

@YorkshireTea hysterical. My husband is vaccinated. He was telling me how he wore his mask into the watch repair store. I said why? He said out of respect. I said so you believe you can catch and transmit the virus and the shot doesn't work. He walked out of the room and hasn't worn it since.

@YorkshireTea he also gets very tired of fighting with me about it. It was easier to buck the tide out there than at home

@YorkshireTea Best video to explain the Covid Karen's mask wearing.....awesome!!! Re-Post this everywhere!!

@tout_court the big, fat 'no comment' guy was my fave. Wasn't even wearing it over his nose ffs !!!

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