So my employer is having a summer party event this week.

The Covidian's are beside themselves with fear!

Don't they know we're in the middle of a wave?
Why is the event indoors?
Why is there no requirement for masks?
Shouldn't everyone test beforehand?

No mention of vaccine passport's yet!!

I wasn't going anyway but the verbal diarrhea is off the charts. Inclusivity! Safety! Consideration!

So BBC Question Time will be broadcast live from my home town, a show where the plebs get to ask a panel (their betters) topical/political questions.

My fellow local yokels voted 70/30 for Brexit which I guess is why...

"Anyone wishing to apply is asked to come up with two questions to be considered, as well as complete a form asking whether - and which way - they voted in the EU referendum, what political party they’re likely to vote for, and whether they’re politically active."

FULL COMEDY SPECIAL | Jim Breuer - 'Somebody Had to Say It'

Imagine how different things could have been if comedian's had done this kind of material in 2020.

Still funny as though. Uncomfortable viewing for true Covidians!

Looks like I've found a good boots on the ground source for Ukrainian developments.

Sentenced to 3 years in jail without trial !

Looks like Gates and Fauci have changed the balance of nature permanently when it comes to Covid. Goodbye Gompertz curves and periods of herd immunity, hello artificial and permanent high baseline of deaths.

Jordan Peterson goes on the offensive. I don't think he's gonna apologize and self flagellate to appease Twatter lol.

My UK Bank, which I'll be closing my account with tomorrow, has gone woke!

They told their customers who didn't like it to close their accounts so I'll be doing just that tomorrow.

Within 14 days Elmo will:

Ladies & Gentlemen. I give you Jeremy Vine, UK TV Presenter, Covid zealot and fully paid up member of the Vaccine Cult.

Fucking priceless LMFAO


Safe & Effective !

2020 & 2022 spot the difference competition.

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