Seems the UK Media got their's in early this morning with the story:

Sweden shifts on no-lockdown strategy

Dr Anders Tegnell has now said that Sweden may implement localised lockdowns, but only for a maximum of two or three weeks

A few hours after all the bed wetters had finished doing their victory laps it turns out it's not true !!!

Simon Dolan is in Sweden and interviewed him today and he said that it's not true !! Lying shitbag media 💩 💩 💩

No Atlas, No !!! We need FEAR not HOPE !!! Damn you crazy conspiracy theorists !!! 😜

You crazy dutch people having a barny on Twitter ? 😆

Bloodbath in London Saturday 26th September?

So fellow Brits, you think the mood is changing?

I'm seeing an awful lot of pushback in the media now. Carl Heneghan and Sunetra Gupta have finally started to get air time and I think it's waking up some of the more beligerant media types like Litteljohn, Morgan etc.

I don't think the Govt is for turning but I think the plebs are going to start to ignore them more and more if this momentum keeps up.

Off to the Supermarket now to assess the current zombie situation.

We got any NA Art buff's on here who could knock me up a nice sign JPEG ?

I want to do a little fly poster campaign locally and though the following would be good:

"Welcome to East Germany You'll Never Leave"

In the following style:

So at what point do the sheeple realise they're next for the abatoir ? 🐏

Great site for UK Rona data which answers a lot of the questions I've been trying to find the answers for these past few months.

Stuff like:

UK (non-Rona) deaths at home up a whopping 22,783 compared to 5 year average ytd.

93% of UK Rona deaths were aged 60+

84% of UK Rona deaths were aged 70+

95% of UK Rona deaths had at least one comorbidity

Well worth a look...

Removed from YouTube: Scott Atlas and the Efficacy of Lockdowns, Social Distancing, and Closings

Download available here:

Mark Dice : Old Joe Busted

I'm starting to believe the Dem's either don't wanna win or they believe they have "won" the elections already, regardless of the senile old dude up front and centre!

Noel Gallagher's NME interview where he calls facemasks a load of bollocks mysteriously dissapears from YouTube. 🧐

You can listen to it here though 😉

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