I had wondered if the picture of the dunking in the sea of the Extinction Rebellion goon was a photoshop but it wasn't! Here's a video clip.

It's a pity he didn't do more than one lol


We know what you did during lockdown. An FT Film written by James Graham.

A good advert for OTG if there ever was one!


So is Kirk Astroturf like Shapiro?

Will he survive all of the Big Tech purges?

Time to try and scare the under 40's into taking the jab in the UK !

Is an increase from 1 in 100,000 cases in people under 40 ending up in ICU to 2 in 100,000 really such a big deal ?!?!? LMFAO

Delta Variant chaos in the UK !

Covid-19 'deaths' in NHS England Hospitals

Jon Stewart's older brother....

He is the only elder brother to the famed Jewish “ambassador”. Larry, who is a big player on Wall Street worked as a group executive vice president of the New York Stock Exchange’s Euronext. In interview to Washington Wire he told: “I’m … smarter, funnier, and you can quote me”.

Piers Corbyn shows his brother Jeremy how it's done.

Everybody followed suit we'd be outta jail before 19th July. It's that simple.


Time to assemble the circular firing swuad and shout 'fire' ?


Wait, there's more ! I found the beginning of Wanker Corden's Vax Musical !

To be honest I always thought James Corden was fat, talentless, useless, wanker but even for him, this is a new low !


At this point in time, given all you know and have learned.

Multiple choices allowed. Only allowed 4 so if you think it's on the level (LMFAO) just post/reply.

The Covid shit show is.....

5 years after sneering at a large section of the British public and labelling them racist, a BBC Editor (masked lol) mistakenly approaches a camera crew protesting lockdowns in Whitehall thinking they were in his media 'club'.

Sadly for him it was a GB Resistance crew and word soon got out who he was.

What you reap, is what you sow?

Glad he got out in one piece but sooner or later one of these toads is going to cop for it.


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