Premier of Victoria, Australia: “It won’t be a vaccine passport you’ll be showing in the first half of next year, it’ll be your booster passport.”

"John Durham just filed Criminal Charge Against Hillary Clinton Campaign Lawyer"

Just following orders.

If the Davos Crowd don't pull this off, there needs to be a reckoning for these goons.

'ŽThe Megyn Kelly Show: The COVID Numbers Game and the Toxicity of Big Tech with Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Prof. Scott Galloway | Ep. 160 on Apple Podcasts

Here's the latest UK Covid Deaths by Vax Status.

Graphs are cumulative (Briefings 17-23) and also per 14 day period (new Briefings released every 14 days). Cover's the last 12 weeks of data.

Over the past 12 weeks:

Deaths of doubled jabbed over 50's has increased week on week by 20% and now stands at 74%.

Vaccine uptake in 50+ cohort is 80-85% I believe. 🤡

Only 204 deaths for the under 50's so not sure we can you draw many conclusions from so few deaths.

Here's the latest UK Covid Case Fatality Rates by Vax Status. Includes Absolute Risk Reduction based on those figures.

Graphs are cumulative (Briefings 17-23) and also per 14 day period (new Briefings released every 14 days). Cover's the last 12 weeks of data.

From where I'm looking there is no benefit in Vaccinating healthy Under 50's given the ARR is effectively 0.

Might be a small benefit for over 50's without factoring in vaccine Injury. Some unvax'd are also too ill to take the shot.

I guess we at least know these monsters took their clot shot lol

Public Health England Variants of Concern Technical Briefing 23 is released.

I'll post some graphs and numbers for Deaths & CFR later but here's the 'case' data.

I've added graphs showing the delta between each briefing document (17-23) so you can see the 14 day trend as well as the cumulative trend from 14 weeks ago.

In the last 2 weeks:

84% of cases in the over 50's were double jabbed.

30% of cases in the under 50's were double jabbed.

One for the Brits.

Anyone fancy a day out in London Sat 25th September?

So in the UK, a Extinction Rebellion offshoot has started doing sit down protests to block major roads. The drivers affected obviously get pissed off and for good reason. Along come the 'Police' and what do they do?

One for the Brits who have kids in high school.

Do you think many 12-15 year olds who don't want the vaccine can rebuff the Behavioural Change Unit and their methods?

I have no doubt that the same sociopaths have a new document specifically designed and ready to go for your kids.

NHS England Covid Deaths in English Hospitals by date of actual death.

Still hovering under 100 a day. Typical deaths per day is 1,500.

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