They just don't want a control group do they?

"out on the streets trying to win over those hard-to-reach groups who might have struggled to access health services in the past."

Struggled? The bastards sent me 2 letters and a zillion text messages!

Telegram about to be removed from the two major App stores?

The Last Days Of The COVIDian Cult

Great piece by CJ Hopkins on where we currently are on planet Covid.

In the latest UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance data sheet it was obvious that the case, hospital stays and death data was invalid, ie the sum totals for each category of vaccination cohort did not match the totals.

Missing from the tables was one cohort, the 'boosted'. Could they have forgot to include them with the double jabbed numbers?

An updated doc was later released. Totals were the same, only cohort to increase was the double jabbed !

Here's how things breakdown if my assumption is correct

I've always had my suspicions that the vaccination programs were driving the case numbers.

It seems Alberta's Health Authority accidentally released data showing this might be the case, before quickly removing it !!!

Video on BitChute explaining this here:

Way back machine link to the actual data is here:

So in England & Wales 2021, the year of the great vaccine saviours, mortality for ages 30-70 was higher than in 2020, the year of the 'Pandemic' ?

NHS England Covid deaths (within 28 days of a +ve test result) by date of actual death.

'Cases' are currently dropping like a stone so this would appear to be about as bad as it's going to get.

UK Office for National Statistics trying to hide behind data privacy laws when taken to court for the release of data regards an "unusual" increase in teenage deaths since May 2021.

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