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Syrian Arab Army OBLITERATING ISIS from "Palestinian" refugee camp Yarmook. Very intense spectacular footage with line charge bomchains and other delicious goodies.

Cutest youtube of the year.
The show starts at 0:40, keep watching!

An incredible victory was gained in Eastern Ghouta.
No "specialist" expected the Syrian Arab Army to claw such a victory in such a short time in this moment in the war.
Catching a few partially deflected missiles is a sparkling ("uitblinker") satisfactory confirmation of this joyfull achievement.

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Now we don't need to b*ll*shit about Eastern Ghouta anymore right?
That's over and dealt with now.
Macron go home, your wife needs a new diaper.

Battle of Eastern Ghouta | March 11th 2018 | Eastern Damascus, Syria.
Some intense footage.

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Strange sub-dimensional split with right wingers lately. It breaks down in the following way:

A1: *sees a CNN story title that fawns over North Korea* "How dare they say something positive about a murderous regime!"

A2: *sees A1 statement* "Oh, so you must be in favor of nuking North Korea."

"The last battle of the pilot Su-25SM.
Seems He blew himself up with a grenade to avoid being captured by militants."

@adam is nailing the bullcrap on Eelco Cuck von Rosenthal's head straight shootin'!
You'd say who believes this crap.
Listen to .

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@arkan Well, stop using it and adding to the profile would be a good start. There are other wonderful reasons to get rid of your profile. Mental health, and time to do something useful like polish doorknobs are great examples.

Imagine you're dying, your life is flashing before your eyes, and you see endless streams of stale political memes and cat pictures... sad, yes?

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