Maybe they are going Infowars?
"Inoculate" has been one of Alex Jones' most favorite words for the past 20 years....

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@Xil There is only The War Party and it's official color is purple.

So for addendum, would you agree the democratic party is "The War Party"? Like, the republican party is off the hook?
Because Trump was incompatible with the CIA?

His final point about resurging ISIS hits bulls eye by the way.

No, she died.
Why? All I'm saying is Ron could have slipped the word "illegal" in there to actually make his point, but he deliberately didn't, of course.

Impeachable hmmm? Because it was impeachable when Trump did it right?

So, not illegal, or perhaps it is, not important I assume.

The issue is that it is impeachable right?

It's like, lessons are only learned when things happens to oneselves I guess.

I respect the sovereignty of Israel minus the Golan Heights, but their form of nationalism is not to my taste. Wilders is for "Judeo-Christian" values whatever those are. Anyway I don't like Israel meddling in our politics and media.

Haha, that is true!
But I am not a believer of Israel having none but good intentions at least appearing to support nationalism in Europe. To me they appear to throw money at rightwing media and populists, for years already now.....and I suppose you could call their support for anti-islam "genuine"......But I don't trust the superficial rightwing populists Geenstijl Breitbart Bannion formula. "Controlled opposition". I want oldfashioned conservative white christian nationalism.

You mean nationalist, that is what attracts me to orban as well and somewhat to kaczynski.
Wilders is only para-nationalist really, mixed dutch-indonesian roots makes him a generational survivor of having to prove being dutch enough to be allowed back into lowlands society after we "lost Indonesia" (these people were given the "stinkeye" when they returned in the early 50's).
Another big problem is that he is way too pro-Israel, zionist even.

I hope the future that lies ahead proves you right.

Ah, so, by that way, you are also teaching them how to send viagra spam and even make money with it right?

I think Wilders would pretend to be less susceptible to foreign pressure concerning Covid (Angela Merkel phoning Rutte about what he should do).
But I also fear Wilders would be at least as repressive when it comes to allowing protests. When he has power, you will see he loves authority more than anyone else.

Moroccans are not a problem in gitmo lowlands.
All groups like Hofstadgroup have dwindled, many went to Syria where the Glorious Syrian Arab Army solved many of our problems.
The only potential real islamic threat to the state of gitmo lowlands is the undergrowth of turkish Erdoganist operatives who have been undermining for the past 30 years. I'm all for sending those to education camps.

That is a tenth of a century ago.
Many things have changed.
We have elections this month in gitmo lowlands but I think Islam is going to be a minor subject this time.
It's more about ending the rule of Mark Rutte after having subjected the people to the most rediculous covid measures in the world except for australia and new zealand I think. The problem is that it is clear all other political parties would have enslaved themselves to WHO dictates just as much, including Wilders!

@ThatDude The enemy is the global cabal of Big Pharma to enslave people into permanent fear of outside air. The Chinese Communist Party has great up-to-date experience in this.
China is way way too strong at this moment, focus should be on the chinese among ourselves like the Fauci's.

What is also sad is that none of these "media rebels" turn out to have any political bone in them.
If only Bannion ruined his media company to build the Trump movement for the past 4 years and completely take over the GOP. It's like he chose the money over being the second most powerful person in the world.

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