So what do people think of Trump announcing he is not abandining GOP / starting a new party?
Personally I think he should have made work of usurping GOP the past 4 years but I'm curious what you think. Will he succeed in overtaking it? By destroying it first? Or will it have to be a chessgame to sideline the Mitt Romneys? Or does Trump (secretly) know/accept he may get more and more contained? Tea Party? Asking as an inquisitive dutchy so consider me ignorant.

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I guess what I am really asking for is, how bloody do people think the struggle for the GOP is going to be. Or is that not the relevant question?

@Xil I would think it's a decision based on fairly accurate analytics. If he had more like 90% GOP support for running for Pres again he may have tried it?

People who give Trump more credit than myself would also quote the relevant Sun Tzu passage, since the Democrat party is an even bigger goat-rodeo than the GOP at the moment: “Never Interrupt Your Enemy When He Is Making A Mistake”

How far do you think he may get inside the current GOP the next 2-4 years? Do you expect they will work against him?

@Xil I suspect he will have the same never-Trumpers, but he probably has a better idea who he can actually trust now?

That's if he's not part of the Oligarchy take-over of the planet anyways. I just never let my guard down with these jokers.

Yeah, some polemists explain that he represents "vieux-riche", the rockerfeller oil-pentagon millitary industrial complex axis as opposed to the progressive neoliberal big tech big pharma "nouveau-riche". Oligarchy either side. I have that fear too. Yet, he brought order to the millitary industry, but didn't wage much ware himself. I now see Biden drooling at continueing Obama's droning CIA middle east policy.....

@bifpowell I meant "He brought orders (money, budget) to the pentagon".

@Xil Yes - those are good points.

I just won't ever let my guard down. Too jaded.


I think most Republican voters really just want the government to follow the constitution instead of fighting against the constitution at every turn. If Democrat voters knew what was actually in the constitution, they'd probably be for it too on the whole.


Having seen the rest of the GOP, I do not think they could do much better than Trump in 2024. I do not see how the Democrats could have done much worse than they did in 2020 and 2016 in selecting candidates, though.

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