To people age 40-65: I'm asking noagenda folks as I have high regard for them in matters like these and I think I'll be forgiven the few drinks I had. The issue is this: Being 43 I have this longterm constant everpresent cognitive dissonance of, having the feeling my growing up + growing wiser has exactly coincided with the most important developments in worldwide developments (on political, economical, technical fronts), namely the dissolution of post-WWII economics around 1980.......

Or, it's just a feeling (like how "things used to be better in the old days is relative for all generations?)......I am convinced it is not a feeling. So,....I feel kinda trapped not just between boomers and millenials, but I actually draw the line AFTER people who were 18 the year the berlin wall fell. People born after that time appear to be more aware of the negative effects of 1980-90's neoliberalism.....

At the same time, people who didn't live puberty during the 90's lack the insights of how things became the way they are nowadays......Anyway I shall admit I cannot prove this is not an intoxicated rant, but I am confident this has no bad consequences for me on this particular website.


So I should not forget to conclude the question here is, does anyone else here ever have any of these feelings? Cheers.

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@Xil I would say people who did not live though the 60's did not capture the, from the old world to new, full experience.

Right, I was expecting that one, with all respect. When would you say the "old world" came to an end? I didn't live through that but I think it happened around when I was born. President Carter/ Oil Crisis. That oil crisis at least ended "social democracy" in Europe and surrendered us to Reagan/Thatcher neoliberalism early 80's.

@Xil there is a general sense that things changed in the 70's. I can't say this thing or that changed, But I will say this. when I was 8-10 years old and I stepped outside the front door. I was alone in the world except where I showed up.By the late 70's, the world didn't have the same feel.

I think those are, to be honest, the feelings we all have about our childhoods. My backyard in early eighties, when I was 8-10, was just as magical as yours I guess. But I may be wrong here. In fact I think I am conditioned to explain all past memories and experiences that appear different that experiences nowadays by relating it to my age....It's like, you have to be at least 400 years old to have somewhat of an objective oversight over the 20th century lol.

@Xil BTW, to make the case of substantive change to the world since the 80's is as valid as the 60's in my view. But I have considered this question and I always see the 70's on as somehow different the the 60's from my experience.

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