So, the optic fiber guy didn't come across as inviting and honest to me. All his answers were evasive and many had nothing to do with the questions. Especially the question of whether a "home office server" would be allowed on this network. I think John asked about 3 times and everytime the answer started with "So,....our company blabla" and then he starts about cloud services. Has there been a discussion about this interview here yet that I missed?

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@Xil I just finished listening to it and didn't get that vibe at all.

@Xil Just a nerd talking about what he knows. I'm no expert, so I can't fact check him. I thought he answered the question that you didn't think was answered.

@HiroProtagonist @Xil The interviewee did get off topic, but in a nerdy way going down thought processes. His answers were not necessarily direct, but he did answer the server question for at least two minutes with very straight-forward grammar

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