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@Xil There is only The War Party and it's official color is purple.

I guess what I am really asking for is, how bloody do people think the struggle for the GOP is going to be. Or is that not the relevant question?

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So what do people think of Trump announcing he is not abandining GOP / starting a new party?
Personally I think he should have made work of usurping GOP the past 4 years but I'm curious what you think. Will he succeed in overtaking it? By destroying it first? Or will it have to be a chessgame to sideline the Mitt Romneys? Or does Trump (secretly) know/accept he may get more and more contained? Tea Party? Asking as an inquisitive dutchy so consider me ignorant.

So I should not forget to conclude the question here is, does anyone else here ever have any of these feelings? Cheers.

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At the same time, people who didn't live puberty during the 90's lack the insights of how things became the way they are nowadays......Anyway I shall admit I cannot prove this is not an intoxicated rant, but I am confident this has no bad consequences for me on this particular website.

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Or, it's just a feeling (like how "things used to be better in the old days is relative for all generations?)......I am convinced it is not a feeling. So,....I feel kinda trapped not just between boomers and millenials, but I actually draw the line AFTER people who were 18 the year the berlin wall fell. People born after that time appear to be more aware of the negative effects of 1980-90's neoliberalism.....

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To people age 40-65: I'm asking noagenda folks as I have high regard for them in matters like these and I think I'll be forgiven the few drinks I had. The issue is this: Being 43 I have this longterm constant everpresent cognitive dissonance of, having the feeling my growing up + growing wiser has exactly coincided with the most important developments in worldwide developments (on political, economical, technical fronts), namely the dissolution of post-WWII economics around 1980.......

I have many surplus eggs of my numerous phasmid species I want to share with hobbyists in the US....but border customs isn't working along nicely many times.🤪
How can I make my enveloppes with tubes so that they are not the ones picked out for sniffing by agents? Rose smell? Address label font?😂

WTF is this mess?
This spectacle is crazier than possible!
She's already changing her story, microphones are open, are hearings always this messy???

I can't stand vasectomized "men". I see them everywhere now.

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Google's secret plan to help overthrow Syria using Qatari state broadcaster al-Jazeera as sent to Hillary Clinton… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1039122614013374464

So, the optic fiber guy didn't come across as inviting and honest to me. All his answers were evasive and many had nothing to do with the questions. Especially the question of whether a "home office server" would be allowed on this network. I think John asked about 3 times and everytime the answer started with "So,....our company blabla" and then he starts about cloud services. Has there been a discussion about this interview here yet that I missed?

Rat Comey interviewed in London. I'm convinced the FBI was allowing Clinton to keep a private mailserver as the "insurance policy" of trump-russia collusion was set. Reopening the hillary investigation was Jimmy's own insurance policy when he nearly had a heart attack when Seth Rich stole it on a usb? Why havent the dems sethriched Comey yet?

(my ol' browser has troubles displaying the smileys. Anyone else? Any fix?)

I only need two seconds of that bossanova to "get in the mood"!

Nokia 7610 here. Symbian S60 V1.
Still using it.
It can use any .sis program.
There's a great "ogg player" out there!

Once I had the virtual comport part of the bluetooth stack usable as modem to dial into my linux pppd server over bluetooth.

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The Trump accusation rotation wheel goes full circle yet again:

Donald Trump has 'dangerous mental illness', say psychiatry experts at Yale conference
Mental health experts say President is 'paranoid and delusional'


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