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Hey guys. Here is the news story of the stabbing that happened on Tuesday. The man is in stable condition. I'm in the video showing what happened. The end got cut off but the business turns out to be a massage parlor. Hell of a way to get outed. youtu.be/NzPi7hf_Q4E

Yeah Gitmo Lowlands.....(Netherlands).

Hehe, I think you just confirmed your own theory!😎

That is, they will loose any autonomy they had, logically.

I read it would take 10 years without trade and without Euro to become part of EU for an independant catalonia.
Brussels doesn't want it.
The catalunians are gonna pay dearly for their stupidity.

Most Europeans will give the spanish state carte blanche to crush this I believe.
We can't use an extreme unstable south of europe. Will an independant Catalonia be part of EU, NATO?
It's a recipee for decades of disaster.
It's also hypocrite. This would set an example for for instance flemish forces in Belgium to split their country. With NATO and EU headquarters in Brussels, US would threaten with millitary intervention immediately!
Stop balkanization.

@xahlee If you ask me, the tweets about Catalonia are clearly retweeted by an organized campaign.
Spain is a strong enough State to supress this CIA op.
I don't get why Julian supports it.


< Insert extremely anti-semetic comments about the author and his wife from a dutch citizen>.
I mean jeez: "Matt Gertz, Alyssa Rosenberg, Adama Ngom and Shelby Jamerson".
I know how links between media and foreign states run!

@ProfWorr @temporaryDouchebag
There could be confrontation between USAF and RuAF around Dez.....RuAF may bomb SDF kurds, US may or may not intervene.
SDF kurds may also decide to go help their families in the North, should Turkey decide to start a campaign in northern syria soon or if in Iraq, teh Baghdad government starts bombing Barzani kurds after the "referendum".

@temporaryDouchebag @ProfWorr

What will happen is not written there.

US special forces are pushing for HTS/AQ forces in Idlib to start offensive campaign yesterday in an attempt to draw energy away from the DeZ campaign.
Keep in mind the upcoming illegal referendum on kurdish independance in Iraq right now that is NOT US supported.
And keep in mind the troops Turkey is currently amassing on the border with kurdish regions in Syria.

@Machine Liberalism has an identity crisis.

@CarBlanez33 @ryanbytes
Altavista, geocities.

There used to be no platforms.
Altavista/google was your only starting point, everything you would find was selfbuilt independant websites. Websites became blogs, now they are facebook pages. IRC chats become twitter. Even gaming can hardly be done without selling your soul to globalists like Steam, no game without online spy connection.

So you have become forced to open up facebook and twitter as the first things when you start your computer.

Netanyahu to Trump: attaboy.

Zju should combine ze gravy avec les legumes!

I love chateaubriand. But it really needs greens with it, pardon my french. It's beef right?
Once you get used to it, you can't go without....and it combines really well, even sprouts and brocolli!

The clams look yummy and the meat perfect.
I miss more fresh green stuff to make it a more relative healthy meal.😉

If @CarBlanez33 was not your "foe"......what were you trying to type??🤔

Apparently the patriot missed and they had to call in the IAF.

Israel shoots a patriot missile missing a very advanced evasive enemy drone in golan heights: noagendasocial.com/media/5mpBZ

Samba clients are less developed on linux than the server if you ask me.
but setting it up properly requires another dedicated time session yes.