I'm furious. We lost trump, we lost the only hoppe for america we got a neocuck who WILL NOT DEFEND AMERICA! ...but let's fight a war with Iran.


I heard that motherfucker suggest Charlotsville as the place to riot. I heard his want to 'martch into the enemies citadel and spuit in their faces'. I heard everything. The motherfuckers - proudboys - at the top are NEOCONS! I mentioned putting it in a open carry state or even TExas. They hated the idea and thought it would be funny to spit at the left.

Heyer died because M.O.A.B.[u] wanted a shitshow. Goddamn. Please, spread this as far and wide as possible.

Pr0Jared Situation Hottake.

JonTronShow@twitter.com was roasted for comments said about Pr0Jared and PeanutButterGamer.

Apparently it's not enough to be ea Jew to be successful but to be a procreep/propedo Jew.


While I suppose there is propaganda in this movie; a truth slipped out. That white liberals wish to push away the cost of utopia away from themselves.

'Weaponizing immigrants agins't liberals is possible,. but sounds very acclerationist.

Even the asshole of the internet - a forum - has a femicunt in the discord room taking out her ideology out on others.

If anybody knows of a discord server with semi-active chat, please do share. I'm very bored.

"From now on instead of trying to point to the Jews, instead say the world is 'Soyed Up'."

That's actually a very good suggestion.

Screenshot (Apr 16, 2019 6:26:08 PM) I finished a game. Yippee!

Lewd Builds: Godtube, The Stash and The Typewriter (For those who love wanking) or Godtube, The Stash and The Rainbow for the active sort of lewd.

Personally I want the first; I'm very lazy.

It's a shame that this never got all that many thumbs up, or views.


I heard a story that disturbs me. There was a story bout geoblocking on Steam and how it's now illegal to geoblock due to the 'single market' rules. Except when specific antions have banned things in media. I am seeing the European union passing laws for the internet that nake it ludicrously expensive to operate. I'm wondering.. if I never release a product in the EU, would it prevent me from being held to EU laws visavis my product?

Geoblocking, Steam and the EU: techcrunch.com/2019/04/05/eu-g

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>Me? I'm going to, uh, I'm just gonna drown my fucking tears in video games and anime, and hope the bad stuff goes away. And hope I can enjoy the internet for, at least, let's say, at least another year or two, before it's all just pure shit. Can we get maybe just another year or two out of it before they completely ruin it for everyone? I mean, I know the Europeans are gonna be fucked really early. And the Australians are getting fucked along with the New Zealanders right now because of the Tarrant thing. And I'm sure the US is up on the chopping blocking, and Asia's already locked down under China, so I, you know, just another year or two, where I can laugh at funny cat videos on Youtube and call people faggots on comments, before I have to, uh, be have everything sanitized and put into the little box, and told to comply.
>That's our future. That's the future of the internet. We lost. How sad for a happy morning. We lost. These fucks have won. They took it by force. Because they got embarrassed in 2016. And they're just fucking it up for everybody.
>And just the timeline of events eh, you know, somebody was talking about accelerationsism, well, you have your wish. Everything is very likely accelerating. They're becoming more and more, uh, into controlling things.
>So I'm just gonna go back to my little corner of the internet, while it's still got a little bit of shelter left to it. I'm gonna enjoy my cat videos and my anime and my video games. Uh, I guess listen to the band as the fucking ship sinks as they play us out one last time. And then prepare myself for the conversations I'll be having in 10-20 years where I explain to people "Oh no, hell, you don't understand! Back in the day on the internet, you could be anonymous. Back in the day on the internet, you could call someone a fag and police wouldn't show up and enforce that. Oh no, that really did happen, yeah, no, can you believe it? It's amazing. No if you'll excuse me, I need to report for my penis inspection."

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