Re: Jumpchain: Is it acceptable to use the generic CYOA supplement and combine something that could take 10 years with something that is a one-and-done?

Asking for a build.

I hate republicans. At least I know dems want to kill me. But these fuckers will drag their clearly unpopular religious laws behind them.

Adolf would be working for planned parrenthood if he was reincarnated as a black woman.

Sanger was right. This is another reason I think republicans are morons and fools.

I hope they take down the lincon monument. The idiot led us to this point,

Let Lincon be forgotten. Like the rest of the idiots.

You are not free if you have to fear while using a 'right'. It has been limited.

The Bill of Rights is toilet paper and might as well be burned right now.

We all know this censorous trash flows from Bejling. Just end it in fire already.


Bitchute deleted the Last of Us 2 leaks. It's just as cucked as any other platform.


Do you have producters who work for Roytal Dutch Shell? Have they been slashing production? Is Oil being put into storage?

Notable exceptions. Hog story. Nick the rat. That Larry show, Grimerica, Randumb thoughts, grumpy old bens, etc.

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Vera Sullivan is a PlantSim who wen tto colledge, researched plants to find out more about herself and took up art and martial arts. She also writes books on the side of all that. She also loves in her basement bedroom with a small bathroom off to the side, only using the first floor for a kitchen and living space. SEcond is empty, but is a alternative writing space witih open floor-plan for her martial arts and artwork. Third floor is a open balcony.

I cannot clock through to see the replies to a friend of mine on this place. I cannot read conversations that person has, and see individual replies.

I also cannot see a hashtag gabbers are using I'm interested in. They federate poorly and on their own terms. Fuck 'em!

@adan I follow [email protected] and tried clockjing through to the hashtag

No dice either time. Throw gab away. Make gebbers switch to proper Mastodon.

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