In 2027 the episode will be the same number as the year. (The last ep of 5.5 years from now will be 2035.)

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I paid for 5,000 words. I am too eager for them. I wish I had more patience.

I nearly wrote out the outline after paying or a outline to be written after three days.

I am a idiot and I hope the writer I hired won't hold it agins't me.

I'll say if the snippet was to my expectation or not when I get it. I refuse to leave honest reviews there. I really want to purchase more words next month. (I'll even leave the plot open to the writer.)

I have the suspicion my followers don't even watch their TL's. Here you go. Tic-Tac-Toe is all about misdirection.

I know nothing I toot matters, but here you go:

Try connecting the ideas from this with the


Looks like the main villain from The Crow (1992?) without Hollywood Attractiveness! (It's the face.)

Let's see if this tweet survives.

And yes, this asshole has been spending days calling for Elon Musk's death.

I can log into one account, a suspended account.

Nothing I can do there. Oh well. I want to have fun.

Then again, it would probably ask for a phone number.

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I can't even get on twatter because my email was unregistered with the site and now.. I'm not getting emails from twatter.

Honestly, if this place dies I'll still be posting on

Synthwave/Retrowave IRL?

(This actually made me stop and think.)

Mr. Lira is being recruited by the FSB. Check back in three weeks. He's got many of the old alt-right talking to him and is being 'recruited' while staying in a fabulous hotel is Moskva while getting his papers.

I think I'm joking.

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