I live in Anaheim California and have a idea for a streaming platform (It's ethots. Premium chats with ethots and no restrictions regarding how little they can wear.)

Where do I go to pitch my idea?

How does verified ticks exist on Mastodon?

@YouTube Like hereL:

If Gab is evil and running the service is enabling Nazi's... would I be justified by going north a bit IRL and killing Andrew Torba IRL?

Get radical and go to the argumentative extreme or go home.

Considering 'social credit' and how my aunt's selfish decision ruined my FICO score, can I kill her and claim a justified reason to do so:?

Also watch out for a angry blond haired blue eyed mother fucked named Richart. Third, there's a known scammer known as Holly Madison (one of many aliases she goes by.)

All bills were paid automatically. (Part of my plan to keep sisterbitch from my money; make sure I never held it for long enough for her to do so.)

If you ever run into a 'Teri Dawn Woods' , she's the cunt that ruined my finances. (Kept pulling on me too much.)
I'm pissed and I need to get some help: problems on my end are (temporally, locally) my fault. Grr.

I wnat to call her out but I'm afraid the bitch will be too up her own ass thinking she's 'responsible' and it's all my fault. (Damned boomerbitch.)

Can I ask somebody on here to help with a crowd-fund to fix this booomer-created problem?

>Mom Dies
>Life Improves
>"Government Decides to 'Bless' me with a Gift; fucking (CA) 'Death Benefits'.
>Bills no longer automatically paid.
>Sisterbitch now can pull on my finances more easily.. (My plan: Keep my moneyt moving invisibly so sisterbitch could not pull on my finances.)
>Three and a half years later....

>Lost internet at home. Bills piling up. Debts and no way to pay them. Seeing red everywhere.



No. The public adobe releases will not have these features. Those will be reserved for the super hard to get executive release. (Professional?)


Somebody tell the Proud Boys that child brides happen in Sweden.

Stupid fuckers.

I'm tempted as heck to set up another account on my home instance -or a larger one - as DSP. (If you know who that is.)

Tempted as hell and disappointed at the masto/pieroma for not having DSP. OR LowTierGod. OR wait.. she deleted herself from the web.

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