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A close one. I wish multiplayer on Android had focused on classic games.

Entry of the Gladiators

It's that circus song.

Richard Grenell says you can only have 6 people in your house on Thanksgiving but 30 people at a funeral....

So he is going to have a funeral at his house for his pet turkey that will pass away on Nov. 26th.

Refreshments. provided.

I can almost believe that Trump had a plan to decimate the democrat party. The only problem is he did not win his own election.

Perhaps without the chieftan, this fizzles out. (The GOP *will* piss away this oppurtunity.)

There will never be another fair election ever again.

All the electorial fraud will be utilized fron not on no matter what is voted for.

Meocons and Libertarians.

I hope I never get power. Or I'll hunt down Jo and fucking rekt her so goddamned hard.



1.1 of WI went to bitch Jo.

Fuckers need to wake up and realize it's a two party system.

Dems will do everything to OPEN ALL T?HE DOORS TO FRAUD. Fucking retards...

So the NYT was updates ~15 minutes ago.
D 2,733,352
R 2,629,597

The MI s.o.s. website was updates 3:14 (local time?)

D 1,773,404
R 2,010,030

So.... the MI website is old data?

It claims updates every 10 minutes.

588,252 D
580,605 R
10,852 L
That's 343PM PST

Fucking Libertarian whore is taking up votes in our two party system.

Goddamn it Jo!

588,252 D
580,605 R
10,852 L
That's 343PM PST

Fucking Libertarian whore is taking up votes in our two party system.

Goddamn it Jo!

Alex Jones must be contemplating suicide right now.

Lots of people need to end themselve before the humiliation rituals begin.

Remember, suicide is a sign of mental illness. And the aslyums will be brought back into usage; private psychological prisons.

Democrats have the election they wanted; Where this president is fighting all the way down and has to be forced out of the White House. Just like they have been saying for the last few months.

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Trump supporters are the new Nazi's and need to neck themselves before the humiliation rituals come in like pouring rain.

Pic Related. It's based on teh predictions from politico *if* Trump takes NC and GA and AK. (Which is only 50% reporting so far.)(

Neck yourselves. Before you are hunted by those who are immune to civil society and do unto you.

Look at the numbers. America is dead and Biden is catching up in too many states.

Fuck it. Anybody got a gun, I only need one bullet.

What about "the RPGmaker of card games"? Would anybody find that useful? The idea is conceptually simple; the problem is I've been afraid of how simple the idea would be for years now.

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