GUYS! the school closings mean I FINALLY get to listen live during the week!! This is incredibly exciting for me 😊😊 (don't judge)

Sooooo... COVID19 will prevent me from going to school for 2 weeks, starting Monday...

No Agenda has ruined all other podcasts for me... I can't handle the M5M bullshit propagated on them. What else do I listen to on my 3 hour daily commute?

There is no better way to start my teaching day then watching 1 or 2 animated no agenda episodes on the giant projector

Seen on reddit:
"Im listening to no agenda and its super boomer. Its these old radio guys talking about hotel coffee"

I dunno, I think they nailed it.

@adam... The internet is alarming at times but also hilarious

Last night cuddling in bed, @nius and I said the entire No Agenda intro as @Johncdvorak and @adam, respectfully. I think our marriage peaked last night... And I'm not mad about it

"That's your Ivy League schools where dumb people go with family connections and they come out and roll right into the workforce…These are not great schools anymore. I don't know if they ever were. They're propaganda factories!" — @adam 1198

That warm, fuzzy feeling you get when @Johncdvorak reads your donation note and @adam thinks it's a good note.. That feeling doesn't go away! More donations from @nius and I will follow to keep this feeling alive 😍

@Johncdvorak: The Canadians, they didn't know how to deal with [the shooting]. The cops took half an hour to get there…
@adam: You mean they weren't doing a drill nearby for this exact scenario? They've got a lot to learn!

... ..
“I think we need more politicians who give their staffers naked massages, it would really promote harmony in the workplace..” - @adam

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