Anne Heche died in a car accident?

Could be a fake but this video suggests she survived the crash IF it's genuine?

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I agree, but always interesting to compare styles!

Below 👇 You'll never see this picture of Dutch farmers on your TV…. Klaus knows that if images like this ever reach mainstream media, they will motivate and inspire the entire world, and the globalists will be finished.


Everyone is talking about the FBI raid on MAL sealing the nomination for Trump. However, I think it will do exactly the opposite. They want to DQ him on a technicality. The clause in the law says anyone convicted of possessing classified materials shall be disqualified from holding office. This is what they are going to do, find a judge to enforce the letter of the law to keep Trump out.

Chile, Bolivia and Argentina account for more than half of the world’s known lithium deposits. But try getting it out of the ground and into electric-car batteries.

Why don’t I hear progressives railing against the terrible environmental impact of EVs?

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