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I'm not talkin' about lewd cartography photos either.

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Surfing the can be fun and informative....AFTER you 'do the work' to mute out the copious anime and MAP porn that is a constant on the .

Granted, that takes a LONG time.

I can’t even imagine the Tizzy it’s going to cause everybody when Trump gets to choose the next queen when Elizabeth dies.

One of our most successful operations when I was an activist against the invasion & occupation of Iraq by the Bush regime was the time we pretended to plan an event in secret just to see if there were agent-provocateurs in the group to report specifically fabricated actions we'd "planned." Despite NO advertising, the suspected APs and riot cops were the only ones who gathered at the location. We estimated the cops spent about $20-35k on overtime & support.

Has Vegas posted odds on how long the RBG statue will stand?

Remember, the people rioting this weekend are NOT anarchists, they are simple authoritarians taking advantage of chaos to bully, lie, intimidate, and start fires in the name of whatever the fuck they want to say or use to justify their empty, stupid lives.

I'm sure there will be interesting reasons given for this weekend's upcoming rioting that involve RBG. The future is so lucky to get watch the highlight reel and not have to wait for it all analogue.

It is interesting that in this timeline, RBG still hung on until 2020 despite the total deviation from the one when she retired in 2013 with a clear conscience. Read about RBG's adventures in my forthcoming book, "The Simulation is Nothing if not FUNNY!" coming next summer.

Rest in Peace RBG.... but she LITERALLY had 8 full years to retire under a president for whom she approved.

Unfortunately, there's no way of know what definitions Biden actually means with using these words.

Y’aaaaall, there’s a lady o’er here tryin’ to start an argument by saying Leeroy Jenkins was cultural appropriated from the Martin Lawrence character Roscoe Jenkins. For real y’all.

I go to bed every night sad that every time traveler has failed to stop Bill Gates; however, I wake up every morning glad that there was that one time traveler who was able to assassinate Bill Brasky before he became a problem in this timeline.

A bright spot about the COVID lockdown is that cases of California Hot Tub Rectal Gonorrhea have taken a remarkable dive for the first time since the 1970's.
Remember what we always used to say:

"California Hot Tub Rectal Gonorrhea really burns your ass!"

I'm terribly sorry for your loss, I would have sent my condolences earlier, only your loved one wasn't dead yet.

How much does the goofball feeding alligators pay to consistently have his dumb face as the first stream that appears on Periscope?

Well, I've stumbled across STEEL PANTHER. They are a comedy heavy metal band that got popular despite them open making fun of both heavy metal and their fans. They actually have really good 'rock n' roll' chops! They really sound like an 80s hair band!

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