After the victory of the MAS in the Bolivian elections, the christian fascist regime, chaired by Jeanine Áñez, has requested 350 US visas for its personnel for them to get the hell out of Dodge before they are held responsible for their coup a year ago.

I'll hold the money in the meantime.... for money.
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What if we invented a system where we had a little money taken out of each check and it funded stuff like people’s rent or food if they needed that?

It is not just a money/debt issue, it is a SOVEREIGNTY issue.
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IMF is clear - they do not want poor countries let out of the debt trap.

@SirSpencer I think that's an anglophile thing. I imagine an actor with an English accent saying "It's be'er to 'and me the fow'der". There are a lot more English tv shows in the US in the last decade than the previous generation.

"That laptop is nothing but Russian Propaganda!!

.....but can we please have it back?"

@Salaru NP. is a great tool, but I think long links are too much for it sometimes.

Harsher truth about college: Graduates with debt in hiring position tend to hire other debt-ridden graduates who are unqualified for the job, favor degree-holders (counterfeit or not), and typically openly trash non-degree holders with superior experience with their peers.
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The harsh truth about college: it's about "experience" more than education.

I think I forgot to mention that one of the main differences I noticed in the USA after being gone for seven years was that Arby’s has two gyros for six dollars on taco day.

Remember: Every time Jeffrey Toobin was on @CNN, live, as an expert, he was pantsless and jackin' it just below the framed 2-6 box of talking heads. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

These are what the experts CNN has on do when they are on their live interviews. ALL. OF. THEM.

⬡ The reboot of the indymedia project
Hamish Campbell

Live Q&A Recording
Debate in the Forum
Watch the Talk

We are a wide affinity group working to reboot the global #indymedia #network using modern #federated #protocols such as #activitypub.
Reboot will be based on the OMN project code …
Working Project Site
In the end it’s about bringing #trust back into #news

#fediverse #federation #apconf2020

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Waste Watch: New York Begins Enforcing Plastic Bag Ban

New York will soon be covered by shit from homeless asses who used plastic bags they could dispose of easily.

Also, article points out the downstream companies that have been trying to recycle plastic bags into park benches and other “green products”.

@QTpuff Welcome and I concur. I set up crossposting tweets to toots & vice versa and my smart-ass sense of humor always garners positive feedback on NAS whereas nothing but crickets on twitter.

@RoboftheVolcano Notice it is in the "Opinion" section...therefore it is probably LITERALLY made up... the anonymous consultant he supposedly talked to is such bullshit.
But it is written the same as the hit-pieces they stick in the "politics" section... no links, no attribution, pure opinion presented as fact.

“My mom and dad don’t have money. Beau [Hunter’s brother, now deceased] will run for office. I have to make money for the family.”

Is WaPo literally trying to say Joe was broke WHILE he was Vice Pres?

Is Ignatius giving evidence Hunter's Ukraine job was to funnel money to Joe personally?

Oh, next paragraph:
"Biden campaign said Joe Biden’s tax returns before and after he left office show he didn’t receive any money from Hunter."

Oh, well, that explains everything.

Listening to Joni Mitchell is like watching a sketch from Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job. You're not sure if you are supposed to be laughing at the people, or laughing that they are doing something oddly funny.

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I feel like I'm supposed to like Joni Mitchell a lot more than I actually do. Why is it when I listen to a lot of her songs, I feel like I'm listening to someone's mom who thinks the kids don't mind her breaking into song in front of them.... and everytime she does it, she sings the song all the way to the end.

When you have to make your own control room to be informed.

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