Happy Birthday to the Father of Podcasting! Thank you for your service!
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Join me in wishing this amazing man, ⁦@adamcurry⁩, a very happy birthday! Another successful trip around the sun—and his journey is about to take off.

We're simulcasting the No Agenda Podcast Live stream while hauling the Eastbound Zephyr up the Donner Pass with a P42DC Amtrak. twitch.tv/foreman_dan_hernande

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We're live now at noagendastream.com/ with No Agenda episode 1268 #@pocketnoagenda l.curry.com/fip

Come hang out and listen to the Podcast Livestream while I'm Taking the Steam Train 'Storm' up Donner Pass. twitch.tv/foreman_dan_hernande

about to begin:

LIVE Simulcast | Sacramento Northern Interurban Tour scenarios#TrainSimulator2020

Cool! two of my favorite podcast worlds colliding in Bisbee, AZ... and podcasts!

I'm back in virtual cab and working Sherman Hill in Wyoming on TS2020 while listening to No Agenda episode 1253 LIVESTREAM.


The stream started to drop out for me in the last 10 minutes of the show making it completely untenable... did anyone else have problems maintaining a solid stream?

@adam I think the "I ain't tired...." line is from a play.... Porgy and Bess maybe?

'Imus? Is that his name? Imus? What the hell kind of a name is Imus?' The book of Knowledge had the facts at the fingertips.'It's Imus's name,' It explained.

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