When you have to make your own control room to be informed.

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‘Hello Fellow Kids. Joe Biden is punk rock. The Democratic Party is counter-culture. The legacy media is the resistance.’*

- The Establisment

*Brought to you by McDonalds and Citibank, Mattel and Procter and Gamble, Amazon and Netflix, ad infinitum

I think 2020 just hit Zardoz.

I have seen the future and it doesn't work.

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Guys I accidentally turned on MSNBC...........now I can’t turn it off like driving by an accident and anticipating a head will roll across the road at any moment

I’ve been out of the country for six years, and this is what you people have been up to?

Help me out, what goes here? What kind of mini card does it want?

Dedicated to @twittels
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Phish is : Julius from 1999-09-25 - Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion - Houston, TX

of so you NEVER know what will play next!


Never denied being called out as an alt-right in blackface.

All day with the music of Rocky Horror starts RIGHT NOW!

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featuring the music of ROCKY HORROR all day!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show movie trailer
from Songs From the Vaults: A Collection of Rocky Horror Rarities

of so you NEVER know what wi

What a bunch of losers.
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Atlantic editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg explains why he used unnamed sources in report about Trump insulting dead soldiers:

"They don’t want to be inundated with angry tweets and all the rest..."

washex.am/2QWhBtu -- from @MikeBrestDC at @dcexaminer

Some lives matter.
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/Antifa harass a black, female officer outside the police precinct in DC, repeatedly yelling obscenities& flashing light in her eyes...once again proving that not ALL 🙄

Re-elect @realDonaldTrump for


Happy Birthday to the Father of Podcasting! Thank you for your service!
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Join me in wishing this amazing man, ⁦@adamcurry⁩, a very happy birthday! Another successful trip around the sun—and his journey is about to take off.

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