"The total weight of the marijuana was 531 pounds, which was valued at $417,000."

Where do they get these values from? newswest9.com/story/36808236/u

It always cracks me up when I see these numbers on local news. Why not go for something more believeable? Quarter OZs could fetch as much as $25 if pieced out making the total closer to $849600.
Even piecing out QPs at $80, the total could fetch as much as $679680.

So, Trump saying Pelosi "deserves it" about the house speakership.... Trump 'supports' Pelosi. But Trump also 'supports' white supremicists and misogynists..... therefore, does that mean that Nancy Pelosi is now a racists woman hater too?

I mean, according to the transitive laws that have been applied to Trump.... she would be right?

"This may sound like a stupid question, 'Nip nip nip nip bibble?'"

"Yes. Yes it does."

is 36 years old.

's Outrage™ on Sessions reminds us we are past the point when flushing a piece of shit brings out , ,& so-called "lefty" authoritarians to publically show sympathy for it.

"Whah!Trump fired the pos that protects the other pos! Whah!"

The same people who shrieked the loudest over tasteless jokes about John McCain's stupidity for not bailing out of his plane correctly, almost losing his arms are now defending that SNL cancer patient's joke about that other guy who lost an eye in one of the US's imperial wars of occupation.

Chronologically, is ten years old.

But that's only if you count from the time it was dropped into the current .

At this time, there is no way to know how old 's White Paper was BEFORE it was sent back from the .

I stated in 2015 my opinion that the Trump character is just like the Westboro people, repugnant, horrible people with awful views and behavior.... however, it is the reaction to them that is making the world the horrible place where those people get attention.
I've seen nothing that has changed my mind on that.

It just occured to me that during last year's Statue Protests, no one ever suggested NOT removing the statues, but instead ADD to them a new part depicting an angry mob trying to tear it down.
Both sides get their commemorative plaques, and a sculptor would get some work.

Do you think we'll get statements from the postal carriers who picked up the "NOT HOAX DEVICES" or the postal workers who transfered them from one sorting bin to another for routing or the warehose workers who loaded them into trucks for transportation or the carriers who loaded them into their bags for delievery?
I have a few questions for them.

If websites like twitter, facebook, youtube, et. al, are all going to ban certain words, we all know people are just going to use code language to mean what they say.

I suggest everyone adopts the lexicon of Anthony Burgess' A Clockwork Orange.

I follow the Scott Adams rule... when some little tooter starts insulting me personally, (like calling me a miserable old man): I inform them that I block Nazis and then block them.
More often than not, within a few minutes, a new account shows up to yell at me that they are NOT a nazi... so I block them too. It's so much easier to block people who I call nazis than it is for them to create new accounts to argue with me that they are not.

Yikes... as nice as Mastodon has been, the lastest influx of "people" has made replying to toots on the Federated timeline a minefield.
Beware of anyone who's only joined Mastodon in the last couple of months. Chances are good they are someone who left twitter because of all of the "racism" "transphobia" "nazis" and "white men" who "dominate" twitter.

They are bringing all the hate and bile they regularly spewed on twitter over to Mastodon for simple jokes and observations.

"im a mac"
"and im a pc"
yeah right, ass holes. you are actors, in a computer advert. fucking idiots

"Don't use the word 'gay' for something that you think is stupid! I'm gay and I'm not stupid. Doing that is something that crazy, mentally ill people do."

"I'm diagnosed with depression, a mental illness."

"That doesn't make it okay for you call things you don't like 'gay'".

"But being gay makes it okay for you to call mentally ill people crazy?"


Personally, speaking as someone who has suffered from mental illness and definitely been stigmatized because of its effects on my behavior at times, everytime someone uses 'psychotic', 'mentally ill', or 'manic' in pajoritive ways for things/people they hate, I find myself further alienated from them and their POV.
(note:I'm not psychotic nor bipolar, but I have the capacity to empathize with their struggles and not lampoon them for it, like a normal human should be able to.)

What's the difference between calling someone you hate "Crazy," or saying they "act like a mental patient" and calling something you find stupid "Gay"?
Seriously, I'm asking.

Awwww. The level of delusion here is pathological. Someone should help people like this with learning The Thorazine Shuffle so they can get some rest.

The propagation wave of the latest updates are just hitting the people who get the weekend off.

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