this morning..... "Okay, maybe those 'men' didn't surround the Native American, maybe they aren't total racists, maybe they weren't the instigators of the incident.... BUT.....THEY STILL HAVE COMMITTED THE MORAL SIN OF BEING BORN WHITE WITH PRIVILEGE!!! Thus they should still be doxed and their lives ruined."

You know what really caused all these societal, cultural, and political problems?

The cancellation of Cop Rock.

Say what you will, but I really like that Gabby Tulsa lady and hopes she runs for president.

I've been referring to my 'gut' as Captain Kirk. My wife does not appreciate this and calls it, and me other things.

Sadly, she's just not a Star Trek fan.

Imagine how much business Amway and other MLMs would suddenly do if only Trump would denounce pyramid schemes.

I say it every year, because I mean it..... KIDS under 30.... nine simple words of advice:


Time for my ' day ritual of making the new mark on the inside of my thigh to show how much my ballsack has stretched this year.

D'Awww.....Poor little war-loving babies have been living comfortably with the notion of poor people joining the military to help support the domestic economy, how can it support throngs of newly unemployed veterans coming home if Trump ends a war? Whaaaah!

Somebody go set up a GoFundMe to pay for grief counselors and anti-depressants for all the little neocons and neolibs and the children who've been traumatized at the thought of ending a war.

It is a crime that this mash up is almost 10 years old and still has such a low view count!!! Please help me share this, because I think this is the kind of work YouTube was meant to present.

Did anyone else hear @Johncdvorak was name-dropped on the QI podcast "No Such Thing as a Fish?" They basically said he is a crank.

I've decided I'm not going to say "merry christmas" or "happy holidays" this year. I'm going to say "Happy Birthday Lloyd Christmas!"

Just learned that "Tree-hugger" is now considered bad because trees are unable to consent and therefore a tree-hugger is a type of sexual abuser.

Today with the people:
"Hooray! Cohen is going to JAIL for being a LIAR! Yea for us!"

"HOORAY! Cohen is willing to testify against Trump! Yea for us!"

"(But if he's convicted for being a liar, how can any testomony be trusted?)"


A troll tweets new insults and a new hero is born. LOL🤣
This is why those people are not respectable, because every time Trump flushes a turd, welcomes it into their pantheon of Heroes.

Don't you dare even talk about the 1976 Olympics or you'll risk being banned from twitter.

for the time he vomited all over an entire room of Japanese dignitaries causing a domino effect of everyone vomiting.
Four children drowned in the several hundred gallons of sushi puke.

He never apologized.

Every time Trump flushes a turd, a new copraphile is born and starts tweeting with the hashtag.

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