Stewart Brand: "Information wants to be free!"

Establishment + Silicon Valley + Antifa + BLM + Dominant Party:

"Then well change the definition of 'free' to mean locked in your house being told what to think and feel and ban you for talking about our hypocrisy and ruin you because we like to."

Please everyone we must know what it is we're supposed to be afraid of!

O, the ghost has returned with the creature's curse!

I think we should be worried more about the return of the curse.

It's not the creature we have to be afraid of ma'am, it's the creature's ghost.

It's not the creature we have to be afraid of ma'am, it's the creature's ghost.

My friends, I'm afraid this is the return of the curse of the creature's ghost.

The curse of the creature? Or the curse of the ghost?

Luckily this isn’t the system desk, but this is what’s keeping wow machine radio off the air right now. This disk is actually been reading as failing for the last five years.

Seems like there was a series of movies about sick monkeys that take over the world. No, wait, I'm thinking of that movie where that guy shot up a concert in Las Vegas.

Pure fiction.

"SuperSpreader" events are double-plus bad.

RT @WowMachineRadio
Soooory Folks. As you may have noticed a lot of disruption to our stream lately, we've been doing upgrades and maintenance on the ol' Wow Machine and we've still got gremlins running around causin' monkeyshines.

Try to tune and there's nothin' there, please try again later!

Here's how I've been responding to spamdom invoice I keep getting. Turnabout is fair play.

When you put the word "influencers" into stock photo searches, you get a bunch of pictures of chicks pretending to be models sitting in front of stuff.

A Nuclear Salt Water Rocket? I can already see the protestors complaining of polluting space with radiation.

I have overcome and bested Windows10. The machine boots again. Fuck you Bill Gates.

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Thanks for all the DMs, I finally got the directly created and the boot fixed following directions from with a chaser from

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Looking for A Dude Named Ben who's a windows expert who can walk me through rebuilding my boot operations.

I have windows10 loaded on a ssd, but the hd the EFI & recovery drive got changed to dynamic and thus is gone.

I have a USB to use to get to cmd, but I need help rebuilding the system drives so it will boot to the ssd again.

Please help!

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