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Wow Machine Radio

I'm not going to call them "The Resistance" at all.... I'm going to start calling them "Resistists."

Resistism is not actual resistance to anything; rather, it is the oppressive and especially discriminatory attitude or belief in a non-distinctive doctrine, cause, or theory of "resisting" something.... that is, whatever the neoliberal (economics) puppet masters have them shake their fists at TODAY.

I suspended my facebag account today. People were making my eyes roll so hard, I was getting chronic headaches.

People on there at the point that when Trump flushes the toilet, someone is screaming that the turd must've known something about Russia.

"Pregnancy can be a magical time, but are you doing all you can to make sure your baby doesn't become another neo-natal skinhead in Trump's America?"

Hint: if you want to share a link to your Mastodon profile on birdsite, but the @ in the default profile link causes problems, replace it with /users/ like so:

Ooo.... here's a nice little hack using Vivaldi browser.... using Vivaldi's built in 'Web Panel' function, I've can have the local timeline and federated timeline onscreen.
For that matter... I have mastadon/TD panel open with the other in the mainscreen at the same time.... functionality just increased a-LOT.

The function that tweetdeck has that keeps me using it is setting up multiple columns with different watch-words, hashtags, or people lists. Although user quality has definitely waned the last few years, this TD function is an excellent way to follow breaking events live as they happen. My mastodon screen on my big monitor has this huge empty space I'd like to fill with something.

Just came across this write up/criticism of the platform. I don't agree with the 'dead on arrival' assessment, but I do agree with his assertion, "Your identity should not be coupled with the moderation policy of whichever platform you host your social graph on."

I can't speak to the difficulty/expense of hosting an instance, so I don't if his points on that are valid.

Overall, meh.


We will be simulcasting the livestream of the No Agenda podcast shortly.


@adam Kiwi IRC blocks my VPN server, are you going to monitor the 'mastodon war room' along with the one on the stream page?

Hello Mastodon, my new primary.

What I post here will post to twitter and then to FB. I may not have to go back to either.

Come join me!

I originally experimented with being a "zero-profit, unlicensed streamer" using Shoutcast back in 2008. I gave up on using winamp around 2012 when AOL bloated it up making it unusable.

Last year, I found out that AOL sold off Shoutcast to Radionomy who was allowing the Shoutcast dept to quietly keep the service running.

So that's why we decided to go back into streaming as full-fledged 'pirate radio'.

Just pondering the way Mastodon works brings me such immense joy. The idea of a network of servers, all run by fellow humans for one another, is truly divine :heart:

I've joined multiple instances, but two have the same account name...

How does one delete a mastadon account?

"Perhaps that’s because the utility of regime change is affirmed by the political/media class on a wholly bipartisan basis, and was never much more than an establishment hoodwink intended to conjure a sense of renegade opposition while really just serving to rehabilitate the image of a failed liberal intelligentsia."

I've really been digging Michael Tracey's take.

"birdsite" has really been on a retrogressive crusade since it went public just over three years ago.... but this is really stepping over a line.

With google and facebook "fact-checking" search results thanks to whore-mongering 'snopes' people and now Twitter deleting tweets at the behest of another publicly traded company, we are about to see 'Social Media' as we've known it evaporate faster than the Qing Dynasty did at the beginning of the 20th century.

Guys, Mastodon is not a corporation. It's an open source project. Features was develop by many user. So, if you want a feature, please kindly ask anyone who develop Mastodon. Stop complain and ask "Mastodon should have this and that".

Please kindly check the pictures below.

Check out our pirate streaming radio sometime!

We've loaded our entire collection of over 50K tracks of music, spoken word, standup comedy, & Radio/TV show quotes into a single playlist, randomized it, & play it on shuffle. You NEVER know what you'll hear next!

We occasionally do live programs and simulcasts of the No Agenda podcasts.