Everytime I see @TulsiGabbard speak in reasonable tones about ACTUAL anti-war policy without pandering, I am starkly reminded why the rest of the HATE her with such a passion and will do anything to keep her from ruining their chances to lose to again.

Now you live in a world that includes a royal Crotch Fruit called Archie.

Archie sounds more like something that the grandson of a stable boy would be called.

Actually, you are talking about internalized Calvinism, upon whose ideals such as "time is money" and "idle hands are devil's playground", much of USAian ideology is based. But, if you wern't raised in the US, it is understandable you wouldn't know what undlies the entire culture.

OMG this sucks. Who's the target audience for this? There's too much cussing and sexual references to be for kids, yet it is so juvenile and facile. It MUST be intended for actual idiots.... those people who THINK they are smart because they went into debt to some university, and still have double digit IQs. youtu.be/pvuN_WvF1to

I hear if the is played backwards, you can clearly hear Putin's voice say "Some of us smoke Marijuana" and "My Sweet Satan".

Hey guys, @RepAdamSchiff has not presented any evidence to prove he is NOT Santa Claus. Therefore he is Santa Claus and to say otherwise is clearly deranged without evidence to PROVE that he is NOT Santa Claus.

Your move Hoaxers.

Youtube's search function has been effectively rendered useless by their algos....SOLUTION: Use DuckDuckGo to search videos and, what do you know? There's all the results you were looking for when YT failed.

Playing TS2019 while simulcasting the No Agenda Live Stream youtu.be/uGa4GFMEpjA

We're running a heavy coal train up the Price River valley. I didn't know when starting this scenario that there'd be a whiteout blizzard. LOL

Florida man got arrested outside of an Olive Garden after eating pasta belligerently. Police arrived to discover a shirtless man sitting on a bench shoveling spaghetti into his mouth with his hands, asking restaurant patrons for money, and then yelling at them using explicit language. But, before being placed in handcuffs officers gave him a paper towel so he could wipe the pasta and sauce off his face.

Another Wednesday in Naples.

Being a non-Christian doesn't get me nearly as much attention as calling myself a Crucifixion Denialist.

Has anyone crying about considered the fact that open-air cages would be safer and less carcinogenic than the toxic FEMA trailers they gave to Katrina survivors were?

"And then Trump came in with his Maduro....I remember seeing them pull babies from their incubators and throw them on the floor! While he kicked the last baby, Trump said, 'This is for Putin!'" --Paid Hill & Knowlton Shill on TV cable news talking about Venezuela, right now.

Just saw the trailer for the new movie.
Is there already a remake in the works?
Tell me.... what is the name of a genre that updates, yet exploits films?
Woke Blaxploitation?
How about just ?

Guys...what with all the fake news lately, I'm beginning to suspect those Keebler Elves may not have made all those cookies in a hollowed-out tree.

What the world really needs is another Larry "Bud" Melman.

Do me a favor and go vote for ANY entry OTHER than this guy's homophobic and exploitative representation of Trump and Putin as gay. The "left" wants to be able to claim enlightenment and condemn homophobia EXEPT when they do it blatantly. twitter.com/plymptoons/status/

Finally, the cycle will be complete when comparing Rachel Maddow to Alex Jones will be a Federal Hate Crime.

Better yet, my cynicism also says that pointing out how Maddow has profitted from the fake news will be labeled 'homophobic.'

My cynicism is telling me that any moment now, we will be told that criticizing the "journalists" who peddled the for two years is antisemitic.

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