"Copper would be a $5 already if it weren't for being correlated to gold.

Gold is just holding everything back."

....said no one ever.
Yeah, no.
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ETH would be at $500 already if it weren’t for being correlated to BTC.

BTC is just holding everything back

Bets on how close are we to having the first high-budget, Spielberg-produced porno? Anyone?

I'm set to be in the US in April to document what the supply-line disruptions look like in middle America.

It will be interesting to visit Bentonville, AR to see how Walmart HQ is dealing with the loss of their primary source of cheap crap.

More details later.
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Mean shipping transit time between China & USA west coast ports is 28.5 days.

Some stores run shipping on 15 day intervals so they…

Establishment Democrats RE:Bloomberg

"Yeah, but he's OUR threat to 'democratic norms'!!"

Prognosis-a doctor’s predictive opinion about the way in which a disease or illness is likely to develop based on prior observations of similar conditions.

Therefore, my prognosis for the WAPO:

"It's time to give the racists a bigger say in choosing who lives."

As has been shown over and over again.... despite all their whining and hoopla, USAians love them their billionaires!

If you haven't seen the video of Kaitlin Bennett being mobbed by NPC/SJWs yet, this scene from a documentary starring Jane Fonda shows basically what happened: youtube.com/watch?v=xud61yfHtJ

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“Now I'm convinced the whole day long
That all I learn is always wrong
And things are true that I forget
But no one taught that to me yet”

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Public Service Announcement (PSA): When I was a burned out grad student in the mid- to late-80s, I cranked up my shortwave radio & listened to far flung foreign broadcasts and pirate radio. The shortwave universe has dried up since then, but @[email protected] looks promising. twitter.com/WowMachineRadio/st

So someone is going to be driving around LA in a purple Lamborghini with "24" on it to make people think of that dead basketball guy and his kid, and what? They'll be a hero for it?

I don't get it other than showing yet another way US is one fucked-up, myopic culture.

Seeing Trudeau talk with his beard makes me think of 70's porn.

Cynicism tells me that somewhere else in California, a lawmaker is drafting legislation that would make the cabdriver's actions illegal somehow.
A California cab driver realized that his 92-year-old passenger was being scammed -- and detoured to a police station to help convince her not to withdraw $25,000 cnn.it/37xe5fg

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WikiLeaks twitter account has been locked, shortly before Assange extradition hearing. All attempts to get it reopened via regular channels have been unsuccessful. It has been impossible to reach a human at twitter to resolve the issue. Can someone fix this?
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Well USA....get ready to feel the long-awaited side-effects of the Great Transformation of the US's Manufacturer-to-Warehouse-to-Market Economic backbone to the Just-In-Time-Delivery Economic boondoggle that it has become.

You are all going to be touched by this reality.
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100 drugs are in shortage because of supply chain bottlenecks but the *real* danger is the long-term future of So…

Okay everyone, time to update your scorecards with the latest updates:

It is NOW "anti-Semitic" to call Bloomberg an Oligarch.

That means we are only hours or minutes away from the point where calling Bloomberg a Billionaire will be anti-Semitic.

Idiot-Celebre & hero pretends she's smarter than someone & yet still shows what people like her think of the intelligence of voters, that is they have none.

Imagine, an idiot who thinks other people are idiots...with no irony nor cognitive dissonance. THAT'S ANA.
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Republicans will scare the hell out of voters saying the Dem nominee, “is a Socialist who wants to turn America in…

You talk like someone beat you senseless while screaming "What's the frequency Kenneth?" in your face.
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On President's Day weekend, let's try to remember how presidents are supposed to talk, and act.

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