Remember that for a time in the 19th century, whale oil and bat guano were two of the biggest, most lucrative industries and people believed that, based on the technology of the day, within a few short decades, every city would be buried in 20 feet of horse manure.

Just heard a guy on a podcast state matter-of-factly that COVID has killed “hundreds of MILLIONS” worldwide and no one present challenged or questioned it.

The number is less than 3 million even with all the questionable numbers and false attributions.

Remember, when a woman tells you a man is "an asshole" it means he's rejected her advances and she doesn't want you to believe anything he says.

There are millions of exceptions to this rule, because unlike crazy women, asshole men aren't so absolute.
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Reminder: When a man tells you a woman is “crazy” there’s something she knows about him that he doesn’t want you to believe.

There are no exceptions to this r…

Remember, the people who built the Berlin Wall said it would protect folks from fascism.

ADDENDUM to kids' History Books:
While Cliff Huxtable was the dispensing life lessons to the biggest TV audiences in history, Dr. William H. Cosby, Jr. was drugging and raping women as he'd been doing regularly since the 1960s.
While DiCaprio was snorting cocaine off of models' asses, the most popular president in the history of history's son was smoking crack off of his dead brother's widow's ass.

"The guy who owns twitter looks like he only grants evil wishes."

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My cat already thinks he's the king of all he surveys, putting this photo through the oil painting filter may have just confirmed it.

I've passively earned 10000+ satoshis by staking 578 STX to support the Stacks Network using okcoin!

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This may pose a threat to the whole, "THE SCIENCE IS SETTLED!" position popular with some.
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Breaking News: Evidence is mounting that a tiny subatomic particle is being influenced by forms of matter and energy that are not yet known to science but which may nevertheless affect the nature and evolution of the universe.

When you were spending money on toilet paper last year, you proved you are stupid for not buying bitcoin with that money.

Now you are still poor AND stupid.

5 days from now:
"A video that appears to have been used to blackmail Joe Biden has surfaced. The video shows Mr. Biden urinating on a group of Senate interns."

7 days from now:
NYT: "While it may seem distastefu to most, there was nothing illegal about the incident."

WAPO: "It is well established interns like to be peed upon."

Allysa Milano: "Why didn't they get out of the way of the pee?"

VICE:"It is called a 'Golden Shower' and it is just as glorious as it sounds! Here's how to do it."

When they outlaw bare faces, only outlaws will show their face.

The TV show "Person of Interest" season 5 episode 8.

I don't think "wearing a mask is slavery." I think wearing a mask is religious fundamentalism.

Reminder: is ONLY for making people in deep debt for their useless university English degrees feel smart and good about their decisions and should NEVER be taken seriously by normal people.

A company responsible for celebrities for their replacement organs has announced it is now offering white movie stars the option to have their organ-donation clone come in black & can be shown off in new translucent pods for PR ops.

Only certain people will remember the civil war sketch from the 13th episode of 's 28th season featuring a total, unwavering dedication to Colonel Angus.

Some people will tell you Colonel Angus was bad, but that's because they don't know what a pleasure Colonel Angus was for the women in his life.

If there is a statue that would heal the nation, it would be a statue of a glorious Colonel Angus.

Pennsyltucky -- The town that makes you wonder why there isn't a Kenvania.

NASA denounces stars and planets' reflected light because it minimizes the experience of Blackness of space.

Twitter and Facebook will be banning anyone stating ANTI-WAR opinions because they violate policies on KINK SHAMING.

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