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Hey Guys -- You know we hate asking so we rarely do it, but we find ourselves suddenly only 3 weeks from going offline.

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I've been wondering this for years, perhaps there's finally someone who can Precious based on Push by Safire?

Science may someday have an answer.

And where were the so-called "moderate line drives" to condemn the violence perpetrated by this line drive? Their silence is proof of their complicity.
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Today in 1982, Jim Rice goes into the stands to aid a 4-year-old boy who was struck by a line drive. After emergency surgery and five days in the hospital, the child goes on to make a full recovery. To this day, his family believes Jim Rice saved his life.

This is to remind you that its been 10 years since Macklemore and Ryan Lewis dropped "Thrift Shop."

Do you ever think about what life was like before they passed legislation making Incomprehensible Shouting as the official language of the US?

Over eleven years later, most have forgotten that everyday people used to communicate without incomprehensibly shouting before Incomprehensible Shouting became the law of the land.

Perhaps their system is recording network lags and drop-outs as me going AFD during a match? But then again...I played everyday for a week, then skipped a day... banned. Hmmm... you'd think they'd have banned me when I was actually playing the game.

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I guess this is the rule I violated.... but still... I thought the point of pubg was to drop in, loot, run like hell, and kill everyone I see until I get killed.

It really appeared that's what everyone else was doing.... am I missing the mandatory pubg pep rallies before matches? What is "abnormal"?

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I played this game every day for a week and then skipped yesterday.... I just logged in to play a quick round and "BANNED for Unusual Gameplay Patterns?"

I have absolutely NO CLUE what they are talking about. Camping too much? Looting too long? Getting killed too often?

Even as president, the black man wasn't allowed a seat at the establishment's table....but forced to sit in the corner and lean in to be involved in the activity of the white people.

In 1968, corporate right-wingnuts were aghast at the sight of Petula Clark touching Harry Belafonte's arm during a duet in what both described as a "very human moment during an emotional part of the song" and tried to prevent it from airing.

Today, corporate left-wingnuts would have actively prevented the display of Petula Clark's white privilege of putting her hand on a black man as though he were her property before it ever would be considered for air.

In the 60s, CBS censored all references to "the gas chamber" on a teledrama about the Holocaust written by Rod Serling, because the American Gas Oven Association was afraid viewers would think their kitchen cookers were the same things the Nazi used to kill jews.

Today, viewers demand "Masterchef" change its name because they believe it is insensitive to people descended from slavechefs.

The corporations won.

In fact, the constitution does not "grant" any rights, it protects inalienable rights of the governed by limiting government powers.
The sun never goes up or go down, it never actually moves relative to the horizon. The Earth's rotation causes the appearance of the sun moving.

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"The 2nd Amendment grants the right to own a gun."
"SCOTUS removed the constitutionally granted right to abortion."
"The sun comes up in the east and goes down in the west."

If these statements describe the world to you, you are too ignorant to be involved in policy discussion.

Amazing things can be accomplished through Positive Reinforcement.

For example, the way you trained your dog to be scared of fireworks. By praising and paying extra-special attention to them, you've taught them how that if they cower and shake, you reward them.

Why they are't doing the Gorilla Channel story again? Nothing helps the case like the greatest hits:

"After watching the apes on the Gorilla Channel for more than 6 hours and getting hopped up on McDonald's food and amphetamines, Trump squared off with the larger agents!"
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“When Trump descended into rage, his staff resorted to summoning an aide, nicknamed the Music Man, to play favorite show tunes they knew would soot…

I just finished Adam Curtis's last doc "Can't Get You Out of My Head" and now I want to go back and rewatch all his others in the last 20 years.

I wish there was a reference guide for his docs that would give a suggested viewing order to put the historical events they cover in chronological order. Like there is for the MCU.

What if people were to pay as much attention to the historical events of the last 40 years that affect their life instead of the minute esoterica of comic books?

Child: "F*(^ You you ugly n(&^Er c*(t!
Mother: "gasp! We do NOT use racial and sexist slurs in this house! Where did you learn such language?"
Child: "I learned it from watching you talk about the Clarence Thomas and Amy Coney Barrett to your progressive friends."

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Remember, you are fluke of the universe. You have no right to be here. And whether you can hear it or not, the universe is laughing at you behind your back.

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