After all the kerfuffle started by Talcum X about "black Jesus," I did some research and have decided Jesus was as white as his parents: The Macedonian descendant of Ptolemy, Cleopatra the 8th and the Roman, Gaius Julius Caesar.

Former George W. Bush cronie Tom Ridge, yet another warmonger and ACTUAL FASCIST-Corporatist, endorses Biden.

See the pattern here?

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10 year old me: "How could entire cities and ancient civilizations disappear?"

Current me: "Oh"

RE: $750 in taxes

Ask not how he was able to get away with that. Ask how you can do it too.

Ecuador’s Lenin Moreno is doing for real what you were told Venezuela’s Maduro was doing, but wasn’t really. Moreno is so far up the Neoliberals’ assholes, you can’t tell where they end and his wheelchair begins.

I'm so old, I remember when they promised us he owed money to Russia and that's why he was refusing to release his taxes.

I’ve been out of the country for six years, and this is what you people have been up to?

First app for win10 born out of and it rocks! Podfriend - Your friendly Podcast Player App (for Mobile & Desktop)

The struggle is real guys.
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Please stop calling her "ACB". It demeans and the rest of us. (NOTE: I fixed the typo, "trolls" please continue with your attacks)

This is NOT the constitution of someone strong enough to be Governor.
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This makes me sick to my stomach.

It is easy to support single mothers. Simply give fives instead of singles when at the strip clubs.
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Ah yes, the well-known track record of conservative pro-lifers supporting poor single mothers.

(Also, this is a solved question: the best way to reduce the abortion rate is through accessible free contraception, which people like Barrett oppose and have steadily undermined).…

So is it just a given that Cenk and Anna are pro-Azerbaijani and hope they finish the genocide The Young Turks started, right?

"Amy Coney Barrett once tried to hold me down and pray with her at a party when we were in high school!!!"

Yeah...I'm not sure that's going to go as far as you think you it will.

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