Still one of the best examples of man on the street interviews. Each one is a gem

My orginal plan for this weekend was to peddle my wares at the Rockville,MD fine arts show. I reluctantly cancelled when the forecast called rain all day sat and potential high water on the creek behind our house . After 16 yrs of doing shows I have never cancelled. Today the sun broke through and promises to be a beautiful day. Breakfast on the dock and a nice warm fire seems like a nice way to start our day

people should not be afraid of their Governments, Governments should be afraid of their people V

Customer submitted photo of sofa and coffee table/bench I recently made for them .

I'm looking for a specific reference in a release today by a major pharma company about one of their biggest sellers and any mention of effects on the fetus in pregnant women that were treated. I saw a screenshot of a tweet and have no idea if it's based in the release or a political motivation. In either event it's relevant to a piece I am writing right now.

Shameless promotion of my work.....we had some sunshine today so I can get some outdoor shots of recent furniture pieces.

Called my car mechanic ,Snake, to see how much $ it would be to get our 96 ford f150 legal so we can get mulch, topsoil and lumber. he got back to me and said drop it off and I will make a list for ya. I didnt expect to hear from him until Monday but this is one of the reasons why I love living in a community where you know your neighbors. He knows the truck,he knows me,and I trust he isnt gonna screw me over. Everyone should be so lucky

Current desk project . As I looked at the calendar I realized I have a very short period of time to get projects wrapped up for the first show of the season (April 30 -Lewisburg,Pa) and the second show (May 7,8 -Rockville,MD) . This mimimalist desk/table is walnut with a live edge top. 29.5 tall x 48 wide x 17.5 deep.

The Biden administration says transgender kids are entitled to "gender-affirming" medical care. These girls disagree. "I have this intense rage in me over the harm that was done to me." Powerful, heartbreaking story by

Working on a small desk that will incorporate this piece as an accent. Ehat you are looking at is where a walnut fell into a pocket in the tree. Over the years the tree grew around that nut . When the tree was sawn into boards the little treasure was uncovered.

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