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How about Mayhem from Allstate?

Though mayhem has apparently been scrubbed from the Allstate web site

I will note they did bring back the original Jake (an actual State Farm employee) in some later advertisements.

@Evenkeeld and let me just point out, Jake from State Farm is a fraud. Jake was a pudgy, nerdy white dude, not a buff black dude. That switch alone make me NEVER want to use State Farm.

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There is so much programming that I missed (I wonder what I was watching back then, Frasier, Cheers, Golden Girls).

I can't sit and watch episode after episode (how do you guys do it), but I have seen, new to me, episodes of Little House on the Prairie, The Nanny, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Gimme a Break, and more.

@WidowGarrett @sirseatsitter

... though I am Robinson Crusoe,
I did try to watch " As the world turns - Dallas (original ones) - X File from all ages ... etc etc etc¨

At the end I did succeed!
Loved those series.

🍸 🍸 🍸 🍸 🍸 🍸 😜 🤣

I'm watching The A-Team season 4 and theres a whole episode about Winos getting kidnapped followed by an episode where Rick James needs the A-Team to help get his homie out of prison.


and when trump wanted 5 billion to finish the wall ... it was a huge fight and no way from the swamp

now 5 bill a month for NAZIs in Ukraine? ka ching, nobody questions it

Just found this… photo from just outside of Tampa about an hour ago. If it wasn’t about to hurricane, I’d say those are pretty cool clouds.

If you haven't seen Frankenskies I definitely recommend it. It makes a convincing case that floods, droughts, and hurricanes have been optional since the 1950's. odysee.com/@NotTheBoilingFrog:

"Climate change activist Izzy Cook goes on the radio warning people not to travel overseas to remote locations like Fiji. To save the planet, of course.
When she's asked where she last went, she says Fiji. The interviewer can't stop laughing at her. 🙃"



Your tone and writing quality is on par with @Johncdvorak himself!

Odd observation: while preschoolers are exposed to adult topics like "gender and genitals", my brother's girlfriend's university regularly pushes childish activities like coloring pages & kid crafts on the students (on top of all the pronoun/rainbow BS, of course). Do they want kids to grow up faster or stay kids longer?

Glad I'm no longer involved with hiring in my job. I can't imagine the incoming workforce.

@CSB Another remedy I will share that I do in similar situations is boiling elderberry and star of anise. I make a bunch and put in a mason jar after it's boiled for quite a bit. Then I'll take 1-2 ounces (or a shot) before or after a long job. It tastes great and also makes a flavorful addition to seltzer. Star of anise is a key ingredient of tamaflu.

The CDC has finally acknowledged that vaccine status has zero to do with the transmission.

NASA can't handle coordinating a livestream or remote interview with someone in Canada but can totally run a golf cart into an asteroid millions of miles away. Makes sense.

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