is literally a carbon copy of a massive psy-op from the 1920s that was created to neutralize the remaining reactionary forces opposed to the communist takeover of Russia. The name of that psy-op was "Operation TRUST"! , guys!

“Serious Consequences” – Norway Sounds Alarm After 23 Die Following Pfizer Vaccine

» BREAKING: Investigators Release Huge Bombshell That Unravels The Left-Wing Anti-Trump Narrative About January 6th As Evidence Points To Left-Wing Marxist Coup To Smear President Trump and All Americans Who Support Him…HERE’S WHAT REALLY HAPPENED (((VIDEO))) — Evans News Report – Texas Trump Train

Darren of Plymouth

Next week there will be a 'Planned Covid Crisis.'

US nurse speaks out about the corruption in American hospitals.

Remember this is happening simultaneously across the planet.

The Daily Wire will be sending 225 of their "Leftist Tears" tumblers to Politico for their staff following much outrage at the news outlet after Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro guest wrote Thursday's edition of Politico Playbook, their daily newsletter.

"I know that a single conservative opinion was enough to make 225 journalists at Politico very sad. We just want to make sure they don’t get their desks wet," Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing told Townhall.

There are hundreds of tents proliferating around Charlotte. We never would have expected to see such a thing only a few years ago. I guess this is what the New World Order and a just and sustainable world is going to look like.


Hard pass.

My latest post is about the best way to use sites like Reddit or Hackernews (if you absolutely have to):

'Magic mushrooms' grow in man's blood after injection with shroom tea

"[...]several days later, he ended up at the emergency department with the fungus growing in his blood.

The man spent 22 days in the hospital, with eight of those days in the intensive care unit (ICU), where he received treatment for multisystem organ failure."

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