@adam @THErealDVORAK_bot Now there are "manifesto style" letters?! %. Are those like "assault style" rifles? The media is losing its mind because only white people can be antisemitic.

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Wow. This is really good @jeffpeguescbs - Animated No Agenda - A No Agenda Christmas Album - YouTube l.curry.com/fd1

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@adam @THErealDVORAK_bot Owen from Infowars just ran a great promotional stunt. Get kicked out of Congress during the impeachment trial then during his stand up says to support him by "go to Infowars Store and buy the products". Top notch promo. 👍

Christmas comes early for Gitmo Nation. 🎄dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7. This is total nonsense. Watch out for the HOT MICS!! Do people really believe this reality show nonsense? Someone call the Dvorak Curry consultanting group! Can't wait for the deconstruction. -faced @adam @THErealDVORAK_bot

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You can provide a home and community. We are on track to have 200 formerly chronically homeless neighbors home for the holidays at Community First! Village this year. We need your help to welcome them home. mlf.org/givingtuesday 

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@jennifer Are you ready for another great match up withe less then engaging commentary? "You know the Seahawks have green uniforms."

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@Wearenotcattle sure lets rebrand them across the face so they can be identified and ignored.

Oh man. Only 3 days until the right starts screaming about "The War on Christmas!"

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Running Lubuntu on VirtualBox. FINALLY! This is one fast distro!

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@Wearenotcattle It's on the list for sure - concentrating on at least one clip per current episode for now. This is a hobby for me, so time is a constraint. . .but the ants song is one of my all-time favorites too! :)

ITM SLAVES. I am posting this to humbly request that @jennifer at some future time create the OFFICIAL "I got Ants" music video. @adam @Johncdvorak 🙇

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ITM y'all - this one is my favorite moment from 1190 (last Thursday). Total "ah-ha!" moment for me. I cut it down as far as I could without sacrificing content, but it's pretty long, so hang in there. :)


cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

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While everyone else is distracted by the shiny impeachment hearings...

House committee approves landmark bill legalizing marijuana at the federal level


I believe this is the reason for the impeachment distraction. In my time as an activist we saw overshadowing news all the time especially when the legislation was so impactful. Nevermind a fundamental change in our perception of plant, perhaps a slow migration back to individual liberty and free choice on all levels.
@CSB Perhaps a cartoon idea 😉 @adam .google.com/amp/s/www.cnbc.com/

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