@adam Did an update with Windows 7 last night and Microsoft threw Microsoft Edge on my PC??? What a bullshit "update" Windblows. Time to move all my work stuff to Linux. Damn you MS.

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@adam @THErealDVORAK_bot Are you guys writing Bolton's advertorials????

The full, detailed picture drawn by CNN's sources of Trump's phone calls with foreign leaders is consistent with the basic tenor and some substantive elements of a limited number of calls described by former national security adviser John Bolton in his book....

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ITM y'all! Ep 1254 was EPIC, riiiiight?! Too much good material. . .but but the NA Animation Studios went with the obvious choice. No one in the M5M plays Joe's gaffes!

Show day tomorrow! More amygdala shrinkage! TYFYC! xoxo


cc: @adam @Johncdvorak

@adam @Johncdvorak Calling out Covid two years ago. What?? ++. I love the universe. 😜

4:30 mark. Enjoy

In this episode we stumble onto a new topic.  Alternative Media Deconstruction. 

* Episode Download link (51 MB): blogtalkradio.com/we-are-not-c

* Show Notes: blogtalkradio.com/we-are-not-c

* Episode feed: We Are Not Cattle Radio - blogtalkradio.com/we-are-not-c

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If any group would enjoy this it's this "community" lol. Enjoy everyone. youtu.be/ASUHN3gNxWo

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slowly i have a feeling that China released rona to world to cause total economic collapse of the west and then to buy collapsed companies and properties

China is a hole

USA and EU should do total decoupling from China

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USA says: A free Media is a right.
Russia says: A free Media is a weakness.
China says: A free Media can be bought and directed.

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I'm staying off Twitter because posting things like this pic gets me demoted. Meanwhile, who can resist??

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People have no idea that history is written by the winners. The civil war was not over the south wanting to keep slaves.
Next thing they are going to say the emancipation proclamation was at the beginning of the civil war. 🤦‍♂️

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