Watch me pull a pandemic out of my hat...

All the players are here.

@vixn that sounds about right.
This site broke it down in a fairly coherent way...kinda.
Sounds like a 'no'... unless you're hunting?

Are Your COVID-injected Friends and Family Members Brain Damaged?
Neurological damage is slow to manifest. Are you seeing it now?

We need to hear @Genen playing "Lady of Spain" on the accordion! LOL

I’ll let others debate the Roe decision.

All I’m saying is there’s a lot of people screeching about bodily autonomy who said nothing for the last 2 years.

Slow day, so I randomly looked at how many futures I've traded today... 3,333.

Time to donate.

BREAKING: One of the 2000 Mules CAUGHT By Project VERITAS Has Been ARRESTED, Facing 20 Years of Prison for Election Fraud [VIDEO] - THE FIRST LIGHT REPORT
Sidney Powell: News

In the 1980s, they reintroduced moose in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Most, if not all of then died of illnesses carried by white tail deer. I never did get to see a moose in the wild, or even in captivity.

Yesterday, I saw a moose for the first time. Munching on leaves, doing its thing. Today, sitting in my campsite, I hear a clopping sound, look to my right and watch a mother moose, with youg'en in tow. Not more than 25 yards away!

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