Canadian border "folks" are on strike all the time. One time for having to wear their name tags while in the booth.

The irony is, Canadian border enforcers are WAY MORE POLITE than their US counterparts. In addition, the women are better looking. I always enjoyed crossing into Canada and dreaded the return trip into the USA.

Love her!
"If you're worried... you're free to stay at home"

"Let's take 'em to a lab and study them, what could go wrong?!?!"

I'm finding it sad that the healthiest people on the planet (Olympic athletes) are peddling pharmaceuticals during games coverage.

Big pharma is evil as hell...

If you needed a reminder that we're still in clown world.

Traveled threw Michigan's Upper Peninsula this week. Boots on the ground ...

About 25% of hotel/motels are closed - look permanent from the conditions of the buildings and landscapes.

Still about 15% of shoppers in Walmart and Hobby Lobby are still masked up.

Almost every restaurant has now hiring signs, as do many retail stores. "Temporary" hours posted, are a shell of the past.

I can't end this day without story about my Dad. Today is his birthday and according to his Social Security record he would've been 100 today. He was actually born in 1922. He was raised on a farm in SE Missouri and times were still tough in 1939 when he enlisted in the CCC. My Grand Dad died unexpectedly in 1930. My Granny told a fib about his age so he could enlist. He was able to send home money monthly to keep the farm afloat.

Later he joined the Navy and served proudly. I got to tell his war stories to my kids but I sure wish it could've been him. A true Patriot, I'm sure glad he can't see the mess we're in today. He would be sickened for sure. As much as I miss him I couldn't bear that. So on July 19 each year we celebrate time and now start the countdown to the REAL 100.

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