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An actual far-leftist, Mike Parenti, discusses how Sanders was already a sellout to the MIC in the 1990s.

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... What Sanders adds to the Establishment’s usual case against 'illiberalism' is a more pointed charge of financial corruption. He’s going respectable, even corporate. Like progressives, Sanders has moved up in the world. When I say that Bouie’s analysis of Sanders’ new position is correct, I mean that Bouie is right to sense there is political power to be had in this narrative. It would help unify the Democratic left, with the Democratic establishment."

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"Sanders’ new list of enemies and priorities should be read as his attempted enlistment in the defense of the vaunted 'liberal world order.' It is his bid to join his socialist instincts to the existing foreign-policy elite’s agenda. ...

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Ironically, one of the best articles critiquing Bernie Sanders' actual record on international relations has come from the Neocon Review, which details how he has migrated from silly though harmless commie-festishism during his "youth" (relatively speaking) to increasingly selling out to the MIC ("Jobs, man!") and the "liberal internationalist" foreign policy establishment, apparently now embracing the neocon line on "da dictatas." @adam

Democracy Has Failed:

"It’s starting to appear that the democratic system now causes more misery and chaos than it solves. The ancient Greeks were well aware of its shortcomings, and now that our cultural decay is starting to become conspicuous, we’re learning about its shortcomings as well. This essay shows how democracy in the West has terminally failed, and what we can do about it."

Ha! SJWs and Antifas get their asses kicked by actual Commies, i.e. a microcosm of what actually happens in real world far left regimes and revolutions. The social democrats and anarchists are always the first ones to get purged.

The British Army's Secret Plan to Shoot Protesters in Hong Kong in the 80s

Extinction Rebellion UK- Red Handed Rebellion

"At the police station, we can take pictures of ourselves with red hands, posting on social media... This will additionally force the police into a dilemma situation, as people line up waiting to turn themselves in."

Art of the Deal v. Art of War. Who just won in the US-China trade war?

"Winner #1: The people who run the US are the financial guys — Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Blackstone, Fidelity, Vanguard, Citigroup etc. These guys don’t give a damn about manufacturing, which is a low-profit operation. The mega and easy profits are made in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, insurance, derivatives etc.

The ultimate dream of these Wall Street types is to tap into the Chinese market.."

One of Trump's advisors on China, who he called “the leading authority on China,” is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and swamp monster supreme.

Among other things; He drafted legislation to enact the (orwellian) US Institute of Peace, he assisted in drafting legislation to create the National Endowment for Democracy, and (through the RAND corporation) he convinced Carter and then Reagan to develop closer ties with China.

The Lost Instincts and Defective Desires of Late Bourgeois Civilization

"Liberals will insist that political correctness is no different from ordinary politeness and decency, but it is the apparently innocuous conflation of progressivism with good manners and a kind heart, and thus the resistance to progressivism with backward manners and a cruel soul, that lays bare the mechanism by which progressives seek to bring about a fundamental shift in values."

Heidegger’s Ghosts:

"A specter haunts the post-Cold War liberal order—the specter of radical spiritual malaise. This discontent with or downright opposition to the Western-originated, universalist claims of the broadly liberal cultural, economic, and political order takes diverse forms. ...standing behind some of the leading intellectual and political figures in this mélange of counter-liberalism is one animating mind, that of Martin Heidegger."

Unit 731: How Leaders Of Japan’s WWII Germ Warfare Unit Ended Up Working For The US

"The prisoners thought we were doctors," recalled Dr. Toshio Tono, then a medical assistant who helped kill the Americans. "They could see our white smocks so they didn’t struggle. They never dreamed they would be dissected."

@adam Rising Up! How Things Change: The Duty to Disobey

A training video for extinction rebellion leaders.

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@adam Wrong Kind of Green did a deep dive on the Extinction Rebellion group. His conclusions make it sound less like a social justice movement and more like a COINTELPRO operation:

"For XR leadership, the enemy of Rebellion is not corporate dominance such as Unilever or Volans... The enemy of the Rebellion is the radical activist,"

"Two weeks ago, activist Joshua Wong traveled to Washington, DC, to entreat Congress to pass a law to promote 'human rights' and 'democracy' in Hong Kong. Closer scrutiny reveals it is designed to protect US interests above all else. Among other consequences, it would force Hong Kong to extradite future political refugees, such as Edward Snowden, back to the US—the very sort of neocolonial relationship that the protests sought to challenge in the first place."

... And then memoirs are digested, memoranda are written, witticisms and anecdotes are circulated; and of such materials is history composed."

-Emmanuel-August-Dieudonné de Las Cases, Mémorial de Sainte Hélène: Journal of the Private Life and Conversations of the Emperor Napoleon at Saint Helena

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