Afghanistan papers reveal US public were misled about unwinnable war

“It was impossible to create good metrics. We tried using troop numbers trained, violence levels, control of territory and none of it painted an accurate picture,” the official told interviewers in 2016. “The metrics were always manipulated for the duration of the war.”

Back in 2014, Pete Buttigieg's former employer McKinsey drafted a plan to kickstart Gaza’s economy with sweatshops where Palestinians make zippers and buttons for Israeli designers.

The US government and Tony Blair promoted it.

How a Mass Bot Network is Pushing the Coup in Bolivia: of the 17,427 accounts using the anti-Morales hashtag , almost a third were created on November 11, the day of the coup.

China takes countermeasures after U.S. signs Hong Kong act

"Beijing will suspend the review of the request for U.S. maritime vessels visiting Hong Kong and sanction several U.S. non-governmental organizations (NGO), effective Monday. The list includes the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), National Democratic Institute (NDI) for International Affairs, International Republican Institute, Human Rights Watch, and Freedom House."

"Sankara argued that third world debt was caused by the “alluring proposals of technical assassins” from financial institutions. Debt was the means for “the deliberately organised reconquest of Africa, a way of ensuring that its growth and development conform to stages and standards entirely alien to us.” Burkina Faso decided not to seek any loans from the IMF, which wanted to impose its own conditions."

Burkina Faso’s Pure President

"As a spokesman for the third world, Sankara criticised the international order. His themes – the injustice inflicted by globalisation and the international financial system, the omnipresence of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, the vicious circle of third world debt – were similar to the modern alternative world movement."

America’s new redneck rebellion: West Virginians are embracing an anti-corporate populism that can veer left as well as right

Why Are Ukrainian Neo-Nazis Joining the Hong Kong Protests?

"The fact that both the 2014 Ukrainian coup and the present protests in Hong Kong have enjoyed extensive support from the CIA-spawned National Endowment for Democracy may give a clue."

"Individualism includes both more focus on the self and less focus on social rules. As a result, young adults may perceive adulthood as an impediment to individualism, because having adult responsibilities limits their choices and forces them to put the needs of others ahead of their own needs. By forgoing the traditional markers of adulthood, like driving, working a full-time job, and getting married, young people can put off 'adulting' for a few more years."

Has Capitalism Become Our Religion?

"One would be hard-pressed to find a form of modern rationalism more extreme than capitalism. The laws of supply and demand and the commodification of goods like health and education strip away the mystery and sense of sacredness that were once a vital part of human life. ..It wrings out of human life every drop of awe and magic and leaves in their place a hardened world of material interests and accumulation. Or so the story goes."

Max Blumenthal on Syrian White Helmets, Russia Gate, The Deep State, and more:

Earlier this decade, the US military declared the internet an "operational domain"of war, and cyber warfare has already been widely acknowledged as the future battle frontier in conflicts. ...
It should therefore come as no surprise that the Iranian government shut down the internet during this crisis. Expect this to become the new normal in US adversary states when chaos looms and foreign information operations are suspected.

Anti-populist coups ... almost invariably prompt a new round of polarization and conflict. Supporters of the previous government tend to close ranks, radicalize and mobilize against the new government, which, in turn, brings repression. This spiral of mobilization and violence tends to strengthen the hand of government hard-liners who call for the jailing, exile and even banning of the populists in a retreat into authoritarianism.

“The daily press is the evil principle of the modern world, and time will only serve to disclose this fact with greater and greater clearness. The capacity of the newspaper for degeneration is sophistically without limit, since it can always sink lower and lower in its choice of readers. At last it will stir up all those dregs of humanity which no state or government can control.”

― Søren Kierkegaard

Operation Condor 2.0: After Bolivia coup, Trump dubs Nicaragua ‘national security threat’ and targets Mexico

Pseudoscience in the Witness Box: The FBI faked an entire field of forensic science.

Chillingly, as the Post continues, “the cases include those of 32 defendants sentenced to death.” Of these defendants, 14 have already been executed or died in prison.

Questions Cloud Story Behind U.S. Sanctions

The story of Sergei Magnitsky has come to symbolize the brutal persecution of whistleblowers in Russia. Ten years after his death, inconsistencies in Magnitsky's story suggest he may not have been the hero many people -- and Western governments -- believed him to be.

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