David Brooks: The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake

"This is the story of our times—the story of the family, once a dense cluster of many siblings and extended kin, fragmenting into ever smaller and more fragile forms. ... If you want to summarize the changes in family structure over the past century, the truest thing to say is this: We’ve made life freer for individuals and more unstable for families."

@adam @MoeFactz

@WakWak @adam @MoeFactz I think part of that stability for families was that you NEEDED a family.

multiple generations living on the same farm property was common. You didn't retire - you passed things on to family.

we're tribal, and we've broken up the tribe and replaced it with Tinder.

@WakWak @adam @MoeFactz But, The Atlantic has always been an anti-family publication. Mostly thanks to their socialist roots. It was the family that held out against communism and socialism. Everything from public schooling to the social Security admin was designed to break up or undermine the family. And now they act sad. Pathetic.

@WakWak @adam This jump from Extended Families to No Families is highly oversimplified and frankly BS.


Alexis de Tocqueville said it much better 185 years ago in his magnum opus on America.


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