@adam Venezuela is socialist AND Nationalist. It's 21st century Peronism.

Chavez and his Fifth Republic Movement, which later became the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) had an explicitly nationalist, third-positionist program from the very beginning. Chavez was always a military-man, a nationalist, and explicitly stated that he was for a "third way" - which eventually became Bolivarianism.

@WakWak is that not eventually what led to severe socialism?

@adam I think they've achieved something different. Many have given up their socialist ideals, at least for the time being, but their national pride is stronger than ever.

"What makes it so hard to replace Chávez and now Maduro? Certainly it’s not merely a question of leadership, since Maduro’s is middling at best. ..and almost nobody .. believes in socialism these days.

In fact, the unknown quality that keeps people loyal to the Chavista project is .. nationalism."

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