“Violence is not necessary to destroy a civilization. Each civilization dies from indifference toward the unique values which created it.”

-Nicolás Gómez Dávila


@WakWak Great documentary on Eugenics which started in the UK & USA and then the rest of Europe got into it. Bad statistical analysis and quack medicine all over the place.

American Experience S30E11 The Eugenics Crusade.mp4 444MB

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"Eugenic breeders believed American society was not ready to implement an organized lethal solution. But many practiced improvised medical lethality and passive euthanasia on their own. One institution fed its incoming patients milk from tubercular cows believing a eugenically strong individual would be immune. Thirty to forty percent annual death rates resulted. Some doctors practiced passive eugenicide, one newborn infant at a time. Others engaged in lethal neglect."

"The most commonly suggested method of eugenicide in America was a 'lethal chamber' or public locally operated gas chambers. In 1918, Popenoe, the Army venereal disease specialist during World War I, co-wrote the widely used textbook, Applied Eugenics, which argued, 'From an historical point of view, the first method which presents itself is execution… Its value in keeping up the standard of the race should not be underestimated.'"


The program is said to have lead to the forced sterilization of over 200,000 women in the late 1990s. .. As with so many government coups and policies of questionable morality found in Latin America, we find the hand of the US government. It was reported on Tuesday that the USAID had essentially taken control of the Peruvian national health system during the period of the sterilizations.


On November 6, 1976, the Government Accounting Office (GAO) released the results of its investigation into similar events at four of twelve IHS areas (Albuquerque, Aberdeen, Oklahoma City, and Phoenix). Records verified that the IHS performed 3,406 sterilizations between 1973 and 1976. “Tip of the iceberg” is indeed an appropriate metaphor. Per capita, this figure would be equivalent to sterilizing 452,000 non-Native American women.


In 1968, researchers found that one-third of all Puerto Rican women of childbearing age were surgically sterilized. .. Historian Laura Briggs summed it up well when she wrote, “for liberals as much as conservatives, the future wealth or poverty, strength or weakness of the Puerto Rican nation was located symbolically and literally in women’s wombs.”


Until the mid-1960s, US population control programs were largely funded and implemented by private organizations such as Planned Parenthood. This situation changed radically in the mid-1960s, when the U.S. Congress began funding population control programs. Suddenly there were hundreds of millions of dollars available for global campaigns of mass abortion and forced sterilization. The result would be human catastrophe on a worldwide scale.


Western countries launched the world's first major collective challenge to China's crackdown on Uyghur Muslims and other minorities. ... A day later 37 other countries jumped to Beijing's defense with their own letter. Nearly half of the signatories were Muslim-majority nations, including Pakistan, Qatar, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia.


Guaido calls for mass street action after the USAID announced it was redirecting $41.9 million, previously earmarked for humanitarian aid in Guatemala and Honduras, to pay salaries to Guaido and his entourage, cover their travel expenses, as well as provide them with “good governance” training, technical support and propaganda:


Often there is no nuance or subtlety to a picture: A visual is what it is. An objective reality; an indisputable fact that cannot be refuted or denied; nothing less and nothing more. At least, that is what the media would like us to believe. .. But what is shown, and when and how it is displayed, are often subjective and biased decisions.


"But this is only half the story, according to Korry. He claims the US conspiracy against Allende's election did not begin with Nixon, but originated - and read no further if you cherish the myth of Camelot - with John Kennedy." ...

"Indeed, the October 1970 plot against Chile's President-elect Salvador Allende, using CIA 'sub-machine guns and ammo', was the direct result of a plea for action a month earlier by Donald Kendall, chairman of PepsiCo, in two telephone calls to the company's former lawyer, President Richard Nixon."


Humans may be hard-wired to feel at peace in the countryside and confused in cities – even if they were born and raised in an urban area.

Professor Michael Depledge of Exeter University, a former Environment Agency chief scientist, said urban dwellers could be suffering in the same way as animals kept in captivity. He said the move to the cities had been accompanied by an “incredible rise in depression and behavioural abnormalities”.


“Today, young people still seek the things that traditional organized religion may have provided for their parents or grandparents: religious beliefs, yes, but also a sense of community, guidance, purpose and meaning. But it can be hard for young people to find those things in their parents’ religions. So they're looking elsewhere.

This is a worldwide, but certainly American, trend toward heterodoxy,” ..


"In The Wealth of Nations, Adam Smith was absolutely right: The widespread division of labor would cause the interior life to die; an unsurprising result, for under capitalism, the human person became a commodity, a resource, a thing used to further profits…"


... The great question in American politics now is which party will take up the cause of the abandoned working class."


... The liberal parties of the Western democracies were supposed to be the most powerful vehicles in human history for the political power of the common man. Instead, those parties now represent the interests of 'woke capital,' that is, corporations that are equally committed to unfettered markets and liberal social causes and don’t hesitate to use their power under the former to enforce the latter. ...

"One reason America is having a socialist moment is that our working class is in terrible condition, battered by the twin forces of economic globalization and mass immigration. In a tragic irony, at the very moment in the 1990s when politicians had to decide how to confront these challenges, the parties of the working class were captured by neoliberal triangulators like Bill Clinton and Tony Blair, whose loyalties were to the meritocratic elite. ...

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