US water suppliers cover up spikes in hormone-disrupting herbicide contamination, report claims

The report found more than 30 million Americans’ drinking water is contaminated with atrazine. Worse, discrepancies between reported federal and state measurements of the contamination suggest that local water utilities are gaming the regulatory system to avoid reporting “spikes” in contamination from the increase in herbicide usage during the farming season.

I’m a US Citizen Living in Honduras. Here’s What I Think About the Caravan.

Several days ago our rural neighborhood was filled with people trying to form another caravan to follow after the first. Trying to get people to abandon their homes to gamble everything for their slice of the American Dream. My husband and daughters were devastated, as we know too well that many marriages are broken children abandoned lies believed and laws broken when people choose this route.

How the liberal West is dismantling itself

"Deconstructionism is peculiarly and ineffably a progressive western ideology, and among those who promote it, the ceaseless assault on the West’s past only serves to demonstrate their own advanced level of development. This time, however, what they aim to bring to other cultures is a formless freedom cut loose from any tradition – in other words, a type of nihilism."

On unarmed invasions

Every state has an obligation to remain what it is. The moral and theoretic justifications of a state to remain itself are fundamental to its existence. Some ideas, ideologies, and religions are incompatible with others. Each state has to decide how many and of what kind any new members are to be welcomed into its citizenship. The ideas that the unarmed invaders hold cannot be ignored. We are not citizens of every nation but only of our own.

Why America desperately needs another baby boom

That birthrates plummeted during the Great Recession is no surprise. Who would want to bring children into a jobless, stagnant economy? But the return of prosperity after the 2016 election should have produced a quick uptick in births.

Despite generous tax cuts and rising middle-class incomes, however, our birth rate remains mired at the lowest level ever recorded in American history.

A $2 Billion Question: Did New York and Virginia Overpay for Amazon?

Gov. Andrew Cuomo defended the deal, arguing that New York has to offer incentives because of its comparatively high taxes.

“It’s not a level playing field to begin with,” Mr. Cuomo said in an interview Tuesday. “All things being equal, if we do nothing, they’re going to Texas.”

Donald Trump and the Ghost of Christopher Lasch

"Fifty years of liberal campaigns to make American society inclusive and 'fair' with exacting standards have backfired. The rump of middle-class, salt of the earth, white America realizes it’s been abandoned and humiliated. For the ruling class, connection and concern for flyover America—and for that matter the nation—is tentative or less. Donald Trump is a demagogue made to order for the dispossessed."


"What defines the essence of populism? What is it for, and what is it against? T. S. Eliot had some insights into this question nearly one hundred years ago. In Notes Towards the Definition of Culture, Eliot drew a fruitful distinction between the upper class and the elite."

Facing extinction Amazonian tribe vows to fight mining companies searching for gold

Wearing a circular headdress of parrot feathers, Calibi frowns at the thought.

“There’d be cars, trucks, violence, drugs, robberies. The culture would change. The young would want the cellphones, the clothes, the computers,” the 57-year-old says as he imagines Brazilians pouring down the road.

“If a lot of white men came, it would be the end.”

"Popular culture has been reduced to mere hedonism. The spiritual emptiness from this has left many deeply dissatisfied. Depression, nervous tension and anxiety disorders are widespread. For that reason many resort to drugs (legal or illegal) to alleviate these symptoms or to modify their mental state in some other way. This chronic dissatisfaction and the sickly psychological condition of modern man are not normal and inevitable parts of human existence"

-Ted Kaczynski, The Coming Revolution

I Debated Steve Bannon. It Didn't Turn Out The Way I Expected.

"Illiberals and anti-liberals appreciate the dark energy of human irrationality—not merely as a fact of our nature to be negotiated, but as a potent political resource. People do not think; they feel. They do not believe what is true; they regard as true that which they wish to believe. A lie that affirms us will gain more credence than a truth that challenges us."

The world’s first humanless warehouse is run only by robots and is a model for the future

"Amazon also has invested heavily in automating its fulfillment centers, but called its facility the world’s first fully automated e-commerce warehouse. Instead of the usual 400 to 500 workers needed to run a warehouse that size, it needs only five. And their job is only to service the machines, not run operations."


"HITLERISM is almost entirely of Jewish origin. .. These words may not be wholly comprehended or connected with their true historical origins; but they are none the less strictly historical."

“The men whom the people ought to choose to represent them are too busy to take the jobs. But the politician is waiting for it. He’s the pestilence of modern times. What we should try to do is make politics as local as possible. Keep the politicians near enough to kick them. The villagers who met under the village tree could also hang their politicians to the tree. It is terrible to contemplate how few politicians are hanged.”

—G.K. Chesterton: ‘Cleveland Press’ interview

‘I will stand against you’: Iranian general repels Trump’s GoT-themed attack with own meme

“Come! We are waiting,” the leader of Iran’s elite Quds Force, General Qassem Soleimani, responded to US President Donald Trump’s announcement that "sanctions are coming" with a Game of Thrones-inspired meme of his own.

“I am your enemy. Quds Force is your enemy,” added Soleimani. “You start this war, but we will finish it.”

John Bolton just gave an “Axis of Evil” speech about Latin America

“This Troika of Tyranny, this triangle of terror stretching from Havana to Caracas to Managua, is the .. genesis of a sordid cradle of communism in the Western Hemisphere,” Bolton said. “Under President Trump, the United States is taking direct action against all three regimes to [advance liberal values] in our region.”

Back to basics: Venezuela wants to barter its crude for goods to bypass US sanctions

“Oil is our key resource for participating in the international trade. Without a doubt, we are trying to use it to resist external pressure,” Faria said in an interview.

Over recent years, Venezuela has become subject to numerous US sanctions, hitting the country’s finances and debt issuance, as well as state oil company PDVSA.

*The US remains Venezuela's top oil importer*


[Financier George Soros of the Soros Foundation] is just one of many overt operatives who helped the rebels dismantle the Soviet empire and destroy the Communist Party. 

Covert funding for these groups would have been the kiss of death, if discovered. Overt funding, it would seem, has been a kiss of life. ... when such activities are done overtly, the flap potential is close to zero. Openness is its own protection.

Migrant caravan members reject offer to stay in Mexico: "No, we're heading north!"

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto announced what he called the "You are at home" plan, offering shelter, medical attention, schooling and jobs to Central Americans in Chiapas and Oaxaca states if they applied..

But .. the bulk of the migrants were boisterous Friday evening in their refusal to accept anything less than safe passage to the U.S. border.

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