"For almost a century, physicists have wondered whether the most counterintuitive predictions of quantum mechanics (QM) could actually be true. Only in recent years has the technology necessary for answering this question become accessible ... that show that key predictions of QM are indeed correct. Taken together, these experiments indicate that the everyday world we perceive does not exist until observed, which in turn suggests a primary role for mind in nature."


US Aid to Afghanistan Could Have Paid Every Afghan Household an Average Salary for 14 Years


It has been estimated that as little as 10% of aid to Afghanistan actually reaches average Afghans. The vast majority of aid money goes to NGO overhead, corruption, and waste.

For what it’s worth, six of the eleven most corrupt countries in the world are major recipients of US foreign aid: Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan, Syria, Somalia, and Yemen.

Venezuela: Trump Considers ‘Recognizing’ Opposition Leader as President, Government Denounces ‘Coup Attempt’


Arreaza denounced US-led regime change efforts in a meeting with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres in New York.

“We have denounced it [regime change] and will continue doing so. The goal is to strangle the Venezuelan economy and with this kind of show produce a change of government,” he told reporters.

The Case Against Reality


"While neuroscientists struggle to understand how there can be such a thing as a first-person reality, quantum physicists have to grapple with the mystery of how there can be anything but a first-person reality. In short, all roads lead back to the observer. And that’s where you can find Hoffman—straddling the boundaries, attempting a mathematical model of the observer, trying to get at the reality behind the illusion."



Ah, don’t be so naive! We both know they just wanted to hack the FB discussion algorithm and play into the polarization game based on 40+ P&G studies according to which short-term brand attitudes absolutely don’t matter at all. “Any PR is good PR”-type deal. “Fuck it, let’s run with it,” ... “Yeah, there might be a temporary drop, but they’ll forget after one week and just remember Gillette,” ...

CBC -When our magnetic field flips, say goodbye to modern life


"Scientists say the magnetic North Pole will eventually switch places with the South Pole, with potentially apocalyptic results.

The Earth's magnetic field is enormously important.  It's a vital shield that protects us — and our technological society — from dangerous radiation from the Sun and deep space that would otherwise scorch us and blow our electrical system and electronics to smithereens."

‘Perfect accuracy’: WikiLeaks hits back at ‘neocon’ app NewsGuard, which labeled it untrustworthy


"In fact, buried within its lengthy warning label for WikiLeaks, NewsGuard actually admits that the site has never published fake information, saying that the information it has published has 'never been shown to be fake' and that there are no confirmed cases of any published documents being 'doctored' either."

Americans Are Dying Younger, Saving Corporations Billions


"Steady improvements in American life expectancy have stalled, and more Americans are dying at younger ages. But for companies the distressing trend could have an upside: If people don’t end up living as long as they were projected to just a few years ago, their employers ultimately won’t have to pay them as much in pension and other lifelong retirement benefits."

Tucker Carlson has sparked the most interesting debate in conservative politics


America’s “ruling class,” Carlson says, are the “mercenaries” behind the failures of the middle class — including sinking marriage rates — and “the ugliest parts of our financial system.” He went on: “Any economic system that weakens and destroys families is not worth having. A system like that is the enemy of a healthy society.”

The Koch network is reportedly planning a major push to get Dreamers legal status.

This push will include "significant investment" in 2020 Congressional candidates who share those policy goals.


"Judged as a contribution to thought, [Steven Pinkers] Enlightenment Now is embarrassingly feeble. With its primitive scientism and manga-style history of ideas, the book is a parody of Enlightenment thinking at its crudest.
Judged as a therapeutic manual for rattled rationalists, Enlightenment Now is a highly topical and much-needed book. In the end, after all, reason is only the slave of the passions."


When we try to understand reality by focusing only on physical things outside of us, we lose sight of the experiences they point back to. The deepest puzzles can’t be solved in purely physical terms, because they all involve the unavoidable presence of experience in the equation. There’s no way to render reality apart from experience, because they're always intertwined.. The contention that science reveals a perfectly objective reality is more theological than scientific


On ‘Known-To-Be-False’ Materialist Philosophies of Mind:


"Mass, and so matter, are derived aspects of an insubstantial process of reality. In fact, they’re also products of aspects of reality that are immaterial, ie not material at all.

However, this conclusion should not come as a shock, for if there is one thing that has been established by the science of quantum mechanics, it is the fact that ‘materialism’ must be abandoned as a viable metaphysical position."

Conservatives love to say that “ideas have consequences.” Yet, as Kolozi demonstrates, capitalism’s conservative critics were often just as trenchant as its cheerleaders. It is thus notable that, as various factions struggled to define conservatism, the side aligned with corporate interests typically won the day. .. For all the conservative talk about “Permanent Things” and “little platoons,” history suggests conservatism has always been for sale to the highest bidder


Hyperreality: A tool for manipulating crowds available to anyone who has acquired a level of fame that automatically confers credibility on anything they do, however outrageous, enabling such people to put together a project that crosses the borderline to the absurd without anyone noticing.


The Unlikely New Generation of Unabomber Acolytes


He was camping out with the chickens in the backyard of their communal headquarters a few months later when a crusty old anarchist with dreadlocks and a piercing gaze handed him a dog-eared book called Industrial Society and Its Future. .. Jacobi glanced at the first line: “The Industrial Revolution and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.”

This guy sure gets to the point, he thought. ..

"Donald J. Trump, ran for office and won by attacking much of [the liberal world order].

But now Trump’s chief foreign policy adviser, his secretary of state, is espousing in speeches a view that is remarkably similar to what George H.W. Bush said when he first used the phrase 'new world order' in a speech to a joint session of Congress in the early 1990s."


Echoing Bush's infamous 1990 NWO speech, Mike Pompeo calls to rebuild the liberal world order


"America will, as it has always done, continue to work with our allies around the world towards the peaceful, liberal order each citizen of the world deserves."

American Anarchy: Intense Photos Of The Early 1900s Reign Of Radicalism In The U.S.


"As the political climate in modern America becomes more and more radicalized, it may seem as though these new movements on the far left and the far right could tear the country apart. Of course, however, these movements and all other radical political ideologies like them are, at least in spirit, hardly new at all."

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