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This book provides an invaluable service by carefully documenting how the CIA, the Pentagon, and other US security agencies —working alongside major foundations like Rockefeller and Ford— developed mass communication as an instrument for persuading and dominating targeted groups in the US and abroad; as a tool for improving military operations; and perhaps most fundamentally, as a means to extend the influence of the liberal world order more widely than ever before.

India Has Been Collecting Eye Scans and Fingerprint Records From Every Citizen.

"When the program launched in 2009, India set out to achieve a world-first: giving every citizen a unique, biometrically-verifiable identification number. Those biometrics (iris scans and fingerprint records) would be linked to a person’s Aadhaar number, which would in turn be used in all interactions with the state..."

The Great reset, UFO’s, transhumanism, and the Occult engineering of the new man

"Decades ago a plan was enacted to engineer a global consciousness to naturalize man into the new technocratic globalism. UFO mythology was chosen as the new world orders religion of technology and transhumanism. Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset has its direct roots in this agenda.

It all goes back to 1968 and a book called 'The Changing Images of Man'."

Rosicrucian Space Force E4: Sinead O'Connor - Empire (Bomb the Bass Remix)

"Crucial Ethiopian Solidarity Hours right now. Let Everyone Know-- Jim Crow Joe [Biden] has his eyes on making the Horn of Africa the next Syrian crisis-- & all the Samantha Powers are aligned the same. CRITICAL SUPPORT FOR BASED ABIY."

US Navy May Scrap $3 Billion Submarine After South China Sea Accident

"Following a reported undersea collision in the South China Sea, the US Navy’s Seawolf Class attack submarine reportedly faces the possibility of being scrapped prematurely due to the extent of the damage suffered. The Seawolf Class are the most expensive submarines ever produced, and are some of the Navy’s most highly prized assets. Only three were ever built due to their extreme costs."

Strategists admit West is goading China into war

"But won’t there be Taiwanese casualties? Yes. ... 'Colby further urges the US not to provide potential civilian targets with air defences, reasoning that collateral damage will whip up the public anger against China necessary to winning a war,' Roussinos adds.

In other words, deaths of Taiwan citizens would be a public relations coup for the US side."

Russia rejects U.S. claim of Russian plan to invade Ukraine

"[Washington’s] goal is to push the poorly controlled Kiev regime to escalate the conflict that is, actually, happening in eastern Ukraine anew. Meanwhile, for the US, Ukraine is expendable in every regard, in this entire story, but [they do have a] wish to escalate this conflict, escalate it anew. We, of course, should remain calm and reinforce our country's defensive capability," the SVR Director said.

US looking for war in Belarus – Lukashenko

"Washington is using the migrant crisis to stage a conflict with Belarus, the country’s embattled leader Alexander Lukashenko has declared, .. America 'will stand by and supply weapons so that we kill each other and the economy sinks. They will come back with the dollar, which they are printing now, to ‘help’ us,' the Belarusian leader claimed."

The UFO Information Operation

"For decades defense and intelligence agencies have taken a furtive but well-established interest in feeding disinformation to prominent members of 'the UFO community.' ... Today, social media has supercharged the tools and techniques of state-sponsored government misinformation campaigns. And there are more national security officials talking about UFOs now than at any other point in American history."

The Deep State — a three part documentary covering modern history, finance, economic hitmen, foreign affairs, cartel networks, and, in general, the modern corporate face of the entity that was once called "the military industrial complex".

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

The Pentagon as Pentagod

By: retired Air Force lieutenant colonel and historian, William Astore

"America’s true god is a deity of wrath, whose keenest followers profit mightily from war and see such gains as virtuous, while its most militant disciples, a crew of losing generals and failed Washington officials, routinely employ murderous violence across the globe."

Notes on Great Founder Theory

"Industrialisation does not happen by accident. Statesmen devote large amounts of resources, manpower, and legislation to try and encourage economic growth. Why some nations succeed whereas most fail is one of the most enduring questions of political economy. GFT takes us beyond contemporary debates that reduce the complexity of industrialisation to protectionism vs free trade, policy tinkering, centralisation vs decentralisation, etc."

There's an obvious next target for regime change by the West

"A secret video shows former and current EU, UK, and US diplomats .. discussing what amounted to an effective greenlighting of a coup to overthrow the government [of Ethiopia]. ... the rationale for this sponsorship is very clear. The Biden administration is wedded to a policy of countering Chinese influence in Africa, and Ethiopia is a participant in Beijing’s Belt and Road Initiative,"...

"Will the future be human?" A video thread of Yuval Noah Harari at the World Economic Forum meeting, 2018

We are living in the last generation of homo sapiens...

"We will learn to engineer bodies, brains, and minds. This will be the main products of the economy."

China denounces U.S. 'arm-twisting' in Honduras election

"China's Foreign Ministry on Thursday accused the United States of 'arm-twisting' after a U.S. delegation made clear Washington wants Honduras to maintain its long-standing diplomatic relations with Taiwan when it votes this weekend."

"Video footage has emerged of several Western diplomats meeting with leaders of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), showing them frankly discussing plans to overthrow Ethiopia’s current president, Abiy Ahmed. Abiy arrived at the front lines on Wednesday to take personal control over the effort to halt the TPLF’s offensive."

“This War [WW2] was never political at all, the politics was all theater, all just to keep the people distracted . . . The real crises were crises of allocation and priority, not among firms–it was only staged to look that way–but among the different Technologies, Plastics, Electronics, Aircraft, and their needs which are understood only by the ruling elite . . . human elite with no right at all to be where they are . . . ”

—Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow

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