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This book provides an invaluable service by carefully documenting how the CIA, the Pentagon, and other US security agencies —working alongside major foundations like Rockefeller and Ford— developed mass communication as an instrument for persuading and dominating targeted groups in the US and abroad; as a tool for improving military operations; and perhaps most fundamentally, as a means to extend the influence of the liberal world order more widely than ever before.

TransEvolution: The Age of Human Deconstruction

"Transhumanism is an ultra high tech dream of computer scientists, philosophers, neural scientists and many others. It seeks to use radical advances in technology to augment the human body, mind and ultimately the entire human experience. To most people this sounds like science fiction. Few are aware of constant breakthroughs in technology, which makes the transhumanist vision a very real possibility for the near future."

What is Really Behind Iran's Unrest?

"The Western media is depicting unrest in Iran as 'the people' demanding social justice and women's rights. In reality, it's part of a years-long effort to foment upheaval and regime change in Iran.

Policy papers from 2009 detailed step-by-step how the US could overthrow the Iranian government.. Since then, each step has been implemented verbatim with varying degress of success, and the process, as we can now see, continues today."

Rumors of a military coup in China and Xi Jinping being under house arrest all appear to be "fake news" --spread by the usual suspects living outside of China

Russian FM Sergey Lavrov addresses the United Nations. Saturday, September 24th

“Instead of having an honest dialogue and looking for compromises, what we're dealing with is disinformation, course stagings, and provocations. ... In the West, they no longer shy away from openly declaring the intention to destroy; to partition Russia."

Chinese company YMTC starts supplying Huawei with Nand memory chips as the US government scrambles for an effective response

Another attempt at regime change in Iran?

The person central to the riots currently happening over the death of Masha Amini is Massih Alinejad --an Iranian activist attached to us intelligence.

First, Massih said Mahsa had a heart attack, which is in line with what investigators are saying happened. Then a day later she "claimed" that Mahsa was savagely arrested, then "claimed" that she was beaten by the morality police, then "claimed" the hijab police murdered her.

CIA officer reveals "the CIA's greatest operation" Dirty Tricks and Assassination Plots (1982)

"The CIA's greatest operation .. is nothing less than an official secrets act. This is the legislation that the CIA has been trying for 30 years ... We'll begin to learn what it's like to live in a third world country that's being targeted by the CIA .. and that is what will begin happening here, and legally."

Whatever marketing firm came up with the idea of making Space Force cringe is a genius. Any serious discussion about the militarization of space, how others will respond, etc, has been completely crowded out by talk about the logo, uniforms, song, etc. Nobody is thinking of the creation of 'the Space Force' as something that could warrant a response & any state that does respond can now be portrayed as an act of aggression occurring in a vacuum.

The revenge of the material economy

The laptop elites are at war with the masses. Silicon Valley, the City of London and Wall Street want to limit our ability to make and manufacture material goods. Their green obsessions are threatening our common prosperity. In contrast, the masses who produce and transport those goods are now starting to realise that they still have the power to demand better futures for themselves and their families.

China restricts abortions for ‘non-medical purposes’

"The country has already enacted strict measures aimed at preventing sex-selective abortions, and health authorities also warned in 2018 that the use of abortion to end unwanted pregnancies was harmful to women’s bodies and risks causing infertility."

Professor Di Dongsheng (rumored to be one of Xi's advisors) talks about Trump being an outsider waging war against the deep state which also benefitted China

How the Media and Literati Class Determines the Politics of a Nation

West wants to partition Russia like USSR – Putin

“For decades [the West] has intentionally fostered hatred towards Russia, first and foremost in Ukraine, which they envisioned as a foothold against Russia. The West turned the Ukrainian people into cannon fodder and pushed them to a war against our country,” Putin said. Their goal being a “total negation of [Russia’s] political, economic, cultural and any other kind of sovereignty, a total pillaging of our nation.”

Moscow provides details on partial mobilization

"Russia will call on 300,000 reservists to serve in the conflict with Ukraine, under a partial nationwide mobilization, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu announced on Wednesday. .. He also stressed that Russia possesses an immense mobilization capability and could summon almost 25 million people with some military experience."

Fort Detrick was testing the efficacy of Remdesiver on ebola in Rheus monkeys by creating an aerosolized version of Ebola and spraying the monkeys with it.

"China installed almost as many robots in its factories last year as the rest of the world, accelerating a rush to automate and consolidate its manufacturing dominance even as its working-age population shrinks. .. China accounted for just under half of all installations of heavy-duty industrial robots last year, reinforcing the nation’s status as the No. 1 market for robot manufacturers worldwide."

Former DOD spook: Ukraine War Shows the US Military Isn’t Ready for War With China

"There isn’t much spare capacity in this system, or in US manufacturing more broadly: America lacks even the basic building blocks, such as adequate machine tools and a trained labor force, that it would need for wartime mobilization. ..

As a result, the US could find itself in a terrible position after just a few months — even just a few weeks — of fighting."

U.S. Empire and the Marvel Moral Universe

"The same way ancient Athenian theater reinforced civic ideals of democracy, justice, and honor using the heroes and deities from Hellenic mythology, the Marvel Cinematic Universe draws on the mythology of American comic books to reinforce our culture’s dominant ideals, those of perpetual conflict against perpetual enemies in a world order characterized by American military and political hegemony."

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