Americans are in total collective denial about how lethal our corrupt corporate media are. We have to stop normalizing the suffering caused by left-wing propagandists with bylines.

But we aren't teaching CRT in schools, its a Law School Theory....Also, we have uncomfortable conversations about race in fifth grade.

The assumptions that NEA makes and how they plan to counter.

Here is another beauty. Public schools are in awful shape so lets teach about racism.

And of course the NEA has no interest in school vouchers, God forbid parents should have a say in how their kid is educated.

Here is another gem from the NEA. Notice how the emphasis is on male to female in women's sports.

And of course, its a backlash against gay marriage. Can't argue the topic, just resort to tropes.

I'm sure I'll get more propaganda next month.

Hey, whatever happened to that whole Biden ordered the secret service to recover the gun his convicted felon lost while buying crack?

Nice little TELCON today with the corporate office. They are anticipating 1/3 of their workforce to resign over the Biden vaccine mandate. The mandate isn't in our contact yet. I would expect to see some small airport towers reduce their hours of operation in CY 22.

I can't imagine you're in self preservation mode if you are ignoring ATC and then yank the ailerons in that manner causing that crash. If this is the actual audio, the PIC was way too dismissive of ATC and no real panic in his voice.

@adam The Air Traffic Control System Command Center (not Jacksonville airport) implemented Severe Weather and Avoidance Plans (SWAPS) due to a nasty bit of weather along the Florida coast. There are a lot of over water routes that were impacted by this weather system. There were no ATC Zero events to the scale of shutting down an Air Route Traffic Control Center.

The first shoe fell.

Controllers will be next. Listen for ATC Zero events.

Not member of Pfizer board of directors - former FDA commissioner.

I will also estimate a lot of impact to the National Airspace System in the coming months for those resisting COVID vaccinations or those who cannot get the medical certificates because of heart conditions resulting from those who did get the shot.

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