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@adam @Johncdvorak here is how an allocated 15 Billion is being spent on the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. You read it right, out of 15 billion allocated for airports like mine, 20 million is being spent in FY22.

Of course my 70 year old tower is nowhere to be found on this list.

Flying into the DC, Baltimore or Richmond areas? Expect delays/cancellations. I have it on good authority they are going to have severe staffing issues this weekend.

I'm just going to call anyone who erotically dances in front of little kids "Disneys".

ex. That Disney dancing in front of that toddler disgusts me.

On a lighter note ..I made my SHW a table for the bath tub.

Pro tip:. If you ever want GOOD tacos, go to the dingy areas and look for the signs that you can't understand, but you can be sure they are sending money to Central and South America. You're welcome!

I miss the breakfast tacos from Texas!

Never associated them with Hispanic people.

My attempt to recreate the South Carolina flag. Moon isn't quite right.

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