Can anyone remind me the NA coupon code for lavender blossoms?

2019: We cancel comedians for making insensitive jokes, but it's totally okay for the Prime Minister of Canada to have a collection of blackface outfits.

Cognitive dissonance in this oped is something else. Literally blaming Israeli Jews for their Muslim neighbors anti-LGBTQ sentiments. Zero evidence supplied for this racist claim.

This story is far from over. I have no idea where this is going, but I think further events resulting from A$AP Rocky's arrest in Sweden will ultimately decide the 2020 election.

I feel I'm an example of this. I'm a New Yorker and I vote mostly Democrat when it comes to policy. But I can't even fully comprehend 's stance in most of these culture battles.

Dave for example. I can't comprehend the idea of silencing the free speech of a talented, beloved African American descendent of slavery. Especially since there's white guys on Netflix doing more offensive trans jokes.

It's so clearly about money and control. Nothing else.

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I'm convinced the USA is deep into a culture war, but I don't think the sides are fixed.

The opposing sides seem to shift freely during the off years, only to be rallied to quiet insanity during a presidential election.

What do you think?

I support legalization, but I don't celebrate Hitler's birthday.

If you're going to post frequently -- ten, twenty times an hour -- your posts need to proportionally more interesting. Nobody minds a ho-hum observation from time to time. But incessant posting is like non-stop talking.

There's probably a formula that expresses this idea more succinctly.

So go back and count your posts for the past hour. Were they gold? Or tin?

Nothing more tense than when you start a new company, launch your first direct mail ad campaign, and "patiently" wait for the responses...

here to represent vape nation. Toot toot!

Giving this a try after leaving social media 3yrs ago. Hoping this is a

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