I get a sneaking suspicion that the police would just as soon let "social workers" take care of domestic violence calls.

Doubtful the program would last long, though. Every cop I've ever known has nothing but horror stories regarding "domestic violence" calls.

@Johncdvorak After some of these social workers are beaten up or even killed, they will first allow them to have pepper spray, next a taser and ending with a gun. Finally they will also kill black guys, because that's where the majority of crime is.

@MartinJJ @Johncdvorak I know several social workers. One had a knife pulled on her on a call; another one she had to lock herself in a bathroom. Social workers would not do their jobs if they didn't believe they had the full backing of police whenever they called.


@djsumdog @MartinJJ @Johncdvorak

The funny thing is that to me, teacher and social worker are almost the same.

Which profession keeps calling the police on boys drawing pictures of guns, miming guns, pretending their fingers are guns etc?

Teachers, female teachers!

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