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In the old days, my dad would have put a horse's head in orange man's bed.

I will just cry in my cosmopolitan, and rip the speech!

In July 2014, I was on a (G) train ride from Shenzhen to Xi'an, moved around 1300-1400 Miles in 10 hours.

Near the stops, there were huge billboards with advertisements for housing. The prices are listed in Yuan (RMB) per square meter. At the time, a tier one city like Beijing or Shanghai had typical prices from 20-40K RMB per square meter. Prices kept dropping with distance from Shenzhen/Guangzho, and at Wuhan, where we crossed Yangze river, they were down to ~RMB6000/sq-meter.

@CSB @MountainJay @MikeRiley I think you hit on an important thing that all of the artists should realize, it's all about the concept.

CSB's two lines over Melania will go down in history as a prime example of concept winning out.

Heya @yukiame - there are some fine ladies who escaped from @Bishop’s compound - they need you to give ‘em a ride..

In the old days, my dad would have put a horse's head in orange man's bed.

I will just cry in my cosmopolitan, and rip the speech!

The logical next question journalists are too stupid or too afraid to ask:

If Russian meddling made Trump illegitimate, are the governments where we successfully meddled also illegitimate?

Restricting expected public charges from immigrating has been the law of the land since the nineties in its current form, with various versions of similar law before that.

The Clinton administration decided to ignore the law, creating precedence, nobody takes issue with a president breaking the law, but when one begins following it, it gets struck down in the 9th circuit court.

Have you flown after losing your ID?

In the examples I have observed and heard about, the TSA simply writes No ID on your boarding pass, and lets you on.

The reason they are not assholes about it, is that their management knows that asking for the ID is unconstitutional, so they don't push it, as they don't want a case to go to the supreme court.

How about after the real ID implementation, how will they deal with claimed missing ID?

Just finished first Thursday's show, still got hours of great entertainment left! Great way to start a new week.



The problem is, bureaucrats are typically unable to think out of the box, even in Europe, medical personnel keeps getting infected.

I don't say life boat/life raft is the perfect solution, but unless we actually know exactly how the prevent transmission, it makes sense to err on the side of caution.

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via @Johncdvorak (from Mimi), Oregonian escaped from cruise ship:

Nobody is discussing the ethics of quarantining healthy people next to sick people. The cruise ship in Japan kept showing a suspiciously increasing number of infected people, consistent with them having been uninfected, but gotten infected because of the quarantine.

Should the people on the cruise ship rather be placed in life boats, moored somewhere, and equipped with thermal suits and c-rations?

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