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Time to experiment with making my vitamin K2 at home.

The following article describes industrial production of natto:

The surprising part is that the inoculation can happen at 70-90 degrees C without killing the yeast!

Guess I will try 40 degrees C.

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Here's ne for the ladies

I didn't get pregnant because I was having sex. I got pregnant because you weren't

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Are you sure @Viking ?

I might take you up on that bet

my bro
@CSB don't report people. He FEELS it when people block him. Never underestimate the moral compass of The great and Powerful CSB

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Happy to say I’m about 18 pounds down so far since March!

I had a long conversation with a colleague from Germany.

He pointed out that the German word for baron is Freiherr, which directly translates to "free man".

A baron is free to bear arms; like all Americans.

So by the German standard, all Americans are aristocrats.

Good morning fellow slaves!

I love the smell of napalm in the morning!

Here is a non paywalled link:

Also, article was patronizing Nicky Minaj, and being woke by pointing out that the black unvaccinated were cautious and masked, while the republican unvaccinated were belligerent and maskless.

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Howto be woke and write about the unvaccinated "hicks" without being raycis:

[Lazer said that the Covid States Project’s research showed that unvaccinated people who nonetheless wore masks were, indeed, more likely to be Black women. In contrast, those who were neither vaccinated nor masked were more likely to be Republicans, and more likely to be rural, less educated and white. (Among the vaccinated, Asian Americans were most likely to be still wearing masks.)]

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NEW: Oklahoma Attorney General tells private employers to disregard Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate.


I am near the end of the raising Sun audio book.

The political factors that prevented Japan from surrendering quickly in 1945 were interesting and sad.

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