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Time to experiment with making my vitamin K2 at home.

The following article describes industrial production of natto:

The surprising part is that the inoculation can happen at 70-90 degrees C without killing the yeast!

Guess I will try 40 degrees C.

@johnww2 @Klaatu

How many rocks could Maxine's gavel turn into gravel, if a gavel could make gravel?

"Somali Cruises"

"It's like a safari, only better"

"We sail up and down the coast of Somalia waiting to get hijacked by pirates. We encourage you to bring your 'High powered weapons' along on the cruise. If you don't have weapons of your own, you can rent them on the boat."


Your recent episode talked about how some people move from high school student council leadership to local politics to national politics, and on the way they have never done an honest days work.

My recent (last few years) thoughts are that the quality of the leadership stays constant, just the self importance increases.

Did @ProfWorr and @shebang get a room?

They both suspiciously disappeared!


Anybody else forgetting the difference between John Podesta and Leon Panetta?

Both last names sound like they could be on the menu of an Italian restaurant!

Trump was and is a douchebag.

I have not heard about any significant declassification to shine light on the roaches of the swamp.

Furthermore, trumped up malicious charges has been standard operating procedures for a long time.

Trump had the option of datamine for those occurrences, and fire anyone involved in these miscarriages of justice.

But Trump only cared when allies like Flynn were affected.

With that observation, I have limited expectations that Trump will help election integrity.

@Viking I just downvoted this post. Cause Pleroma can do what Mastodon't.


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