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Your wife never hesitates leaving you alone with the hot 23 year old nanny.

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Lawyer who managed to get into the will of her client, inherited central Oslo villa worth $13 million!

Will pay for another facelift!


Hey Professor, I thought you were in charge here, but judging from posting volume, @coldacid is clearly the one.

On flight. Mortally obese lady across isle is using gloves to protect herself +, but is drinking regular coke, and silly cloth mask.

@Klaatu An acquaintance of mine was tattled on by someone for hunting feral pigs on the outskirts of a very liberal/progressive town.

Had to appear in court, the judge assigned him community service: He was to assist in culling the feral population of pigs :)

Seems the judge was also a hunter... :)

CNN writers indeed have diarrhea of the mouth:

But here is an interesting passage, entirely free from logic:

"This kind of risk-aversion already happens on college campuses -- just look at underage drinking. Colleges know that students will inevitably drink before they're legally allowed to do so, and in response have provided safer alternatives for social events that don't involve alcohol, Marcus noted. "

If they inevitably drink, how does a booze free party help?

Vice is at it again!

"According to Teamsters Local 469, Beth Israel's lowest paid gravediggers, many who are Latinx, earn less than $15 an hour. Less than a mile down the road, at Mount Lebanon Cemetery, where workers unionized more than 30 years ago, gravediggers make at least $24.62 an hour, according to the union official. Gravediggers at Beth Israel are well aware of the pay disparity."

You can put your Latinx virtue signaling up zir asshoe, Vice Asshole!


You seem quite upset with an RBG replacement that has a different voting pattern.

The senate majority leader is rightfully getting flack for previously siting a BS reason for not having a hearing on the Justice Garland nomination.

The truth is the Senate has the power in this case, and not using it would be a betrayal of conservative voters.

In the past, it might have been enough to avoid wack-jobs, in the present, lawfare is a way to get what you don't get through vote and riot.

"The acronym BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) makes no sense, because Black is the original inclusion in POC and other groups are either in or out depending on when and what context. Otherwise it strikes me as trying to make Black special and plain-old POC types are secondary."

I propose BIPOOKBI!


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