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In the old days, my dad would have put a horse's head in orange man's bed.

I will just cry in my cosmopolitan, and rip the speech!

How come it was OK to call 43 a chimp, and 45 orangutan, but it was racist to call 44 gorilla?

Is that because those crying racism secretly believe in the comparison, or is it just the progressive double standard?

Let me summarize:

If you have jungle fever, you're racist!

If you don't have jungle fever, you're racist!

Some question the AA (Affirmative action) Mayor of Atlanta will not be asked:

What's better, shot dead some thugs erecting illegal road blocks, or let them shoot dead an 8 year old girl?

We know why the Marxists call their opponents Confederates:

When you're ready to enslave somebody what's more convenient than calling them slavers?

This is the ultimate projection.


This is the perfect vote buying scheme, boost unearned entitlements, and let the loosers work until they're 75 to pay the bill.

@Truckdriver2 @Viking @ProfWorr You all really really want me to put some clothes on to answer the phone.

woah Gillane Maxwell had mega Reddit karma and was a top level influencer. She attended an early party at Kleiner Perkins when Reddit's founder was there. Did she blackmail him for some editorial control? She was a mod on the World News Travel, Health, Environment, Enviro Action, Greed, CyberLaw reddits too. An early Reddit CEO hung himself like Epstein after being called a super hacker when he wasn't really. interesting coincidences.

Another “Your positive” story. Mother-in-law reported her friend scheduled an appointment and didn’t show. A few days later received notification “she” was positive. WTF!?!!!? @adam @Johncdvorak

RATs are too stupid to realize they will be found out!

County Commissioner Candidate Charged With Faking Racist Letter, Filing False Police Report

Another hate hoax.

Oh man! The Babylon Bee once again publishing just-barely-satire that comes way too close to truth!

"Liberals Worried That Without Cancel Culture They'd Actually Have To Defend Their Ideas"

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