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Time to experiment with making my vitamin K2 at home.

The following article describes industrial production of natto:

The surprising part is that the inoculation can happen at 70-90 degrees C without killing the yeast!

Guess I will try 40 degrees C.

@johnww2 @Klaatu


I like your theory about the UFO sightings being artifacts of electronic warfare experiments.

That is the first analysis I am aware of that makes any sense to me.

@PakkonenCT @thisisthebreath women want me, squirrels fear me. I am death, maker of sandwiches.

Italian cops in cahoots with the drug dealer?

Why were they advancing on tourists without their uniforms?

How can the tourists tell that is not a mugging?

[Rega, 35, and a partner were called to investigate an extortion attempt, after the young Americans allegedly stole a cellphone from a purported street cocaine dealer — who had taken their money without supplying drugs. The then-teenagers used the phone to set up a meeting to get their money back, the court heard.]

Did the Kong Flu escape from the Wuhan lab?

Here is an in depth story looking at 3 hypotheses about how it made it into humans.

[even the low CDC totals include 'probable' cases]

So that worldmeters data source is highly suspect!

Where do you pull data from, @noagendashowvideo ?

COVID-19 deaths dropped by 0.5% per day over the last 30 days, with a faster drop early April, and a slower drop during the last half of April, and first 4 days of may.

At this rate, it will take 4-5 months to drop from 700 deaths per day to 350 deaths per day!

Plenty of excuses for freedom restrictions. Would be interesting to know age, health and vaccine status of those 700/day.

Good to see peace between Cruz and Trump.

While I like Cruz's policies better, they both more or less point in the general direction which helps USA instead of destroying it, like the marxists want.

Somebody explain to me:

How were the more severe laws against crack vs powder cocaine racist, but the banning of menthol cigarettes is not racist?

Most likely 80 percent of the people involved in this killing by police were illegal aliens and/or descendants of illegal aliens.

3 of the 4 cops had Hispanic names, and the guy walking in the middle of the street had a Hispanic name.

Climate Fraud!

Manhattan Contrarian blog has a growing series documenting the fraud, with references, currently up to 27 posts over many years.

The latest installment links to this blog, which is excellent:

If BLM and Antifa are the lobbying organization for black criminals, who are standing up for law abiding blacks?


The man that can make us long for the Obama years!

With the climate goals, he technically has committed USA close one fossil fuel power plant every 3 days through 2030, to close all of them by then. With no credible replacements lined up.

Shitshow building up!

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