And to top it off there are probably 10 crew guys sharing a joint

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So here we sit. Charlotte in a parking lot. A couple drive up. I'm more than 6 feet away. Explaining we are taking a break with the bus drivers. The Covid compliance officer come storming off a bus to yell at me for not wearing a mask. One more day and the tour is over. So glad I won't be coming back to the bullshit.

I was asked by a friend to finish off a tour. I spent today off in DC. This was just across the street from the WW2 memorial. A art installation on the national mall. To Covid????

Within 5 mins of me posting this they changed the story. Quote"Julie had talked to the country coroner soon after Lewis’s death. “He died of a blood clot. He was getting better, and then he was just gone.” The coroner told her there was nothing she could have done. She tries to believe him."

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Oh wait it gets better the headline makes it seem she got Iver. She did not. Hacks.

@adam @Johncdvorak

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This article. I didnt get past the 1st line yet before I had to share. Notice the Bernie button. And the first line Q follower.

Job and Jab update. On tuesdays one of the gigs I work at does Testing for rona. I went in today. Showed the lady my vax card and said do I ned to test? She said no. Then wanted to take a pic with her phone to upload to the Paylocity App that they use to pay us. I refused. They dont have any of my other med records on that file. And she sure doesnt have any of my med records on her phone. I caused a bit of stink. And am expecting to hear back from HR. By the way this show has a Aussie owner.

Thank you all for the helping hand. I thought I might need a secret handshake and some sort of extra vax!!😂

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ITM Yall. So I became a Knight. @adam said to go to to put in a size etc. I only see the store to buy one? Am I missing something etc...???? Thanks

J&J jab side efx updates. Got it friday at noon. Until Monday splitting headaches. Those are gone. Arm is still sore in a rather large area. I have not had back pain in over 3 years. I follow Dr John Sarnos guides and it cured me. Except now I have a relentless pain between shoulder blades. Neck stiff and sore.Bowels messed up until tuesday. 55 not over weight and no other conditions that I know of.

If a person wants to do a podcast about music reviews. And they want to play tracks in the podcast. How can this be done? Do we need a ASCAP deal?

Don't be a mooch! Use your time, talent, and treasure to help @SirSpencer and I celebrate 100 episodes of TONIGHT on this Tokin' Tuesday around 10:30 PM Eastern / 9:30 PM Central.

This week's is the first time I ever got shocked.

Call, text, or send nudes:
(816) 607-3663

💜 33 re-toots for uncropped pic 💜

Uhhh what??? She was at Disney les than a week ago. Yet she is sure the kid brought it home from school.

We have no entered a new scare tactic. FYI my wife had this treatment as part of a study. It only took about 15 mins start to end for her.

Been a nutty Thursday. I am guessing about every 30 mins I have gone back and forth on this.

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Looking for the J&J in the Vegas area now. I may cave by Friday and get it.

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