When Did ‘Woman’ Become a Dirty Word?
The movement to ‘degender’ medicine amounts to erasure of the female sex.



During my recent treatment for breast cancer, a nurse assured me that my “chest cancer” prognosis was promising.
“Chest cancer?”
“We try not to make anyone feel uncomfortable,” she said. “Everyone has a chest.”


@shebang @Therealdcgirl It’s like a burka, but with language.

Good job, patriarchy!

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@VeddyBadAng @shebang @Therealdcgirl

Listen, on behalf of the patriarchy, this ain't us. Our long track record of ruling the world shows we don't have a problem calling women women. Helps us easily identify our subjects.

No, this is on your side. Your crazy feminists and gay/trans activist types (and for the record, Beta Males count on your side, too).

@SirDaddyO @VeddyBadAng @Therealdcgirl the trans activists aren't on our side either. They are on Marx's side and just using us to create discord.

@shebang @SirDaddyO @Therealdcgirl @VeddyBadAng

The other bad effect of saying chest instead of breast is that it lets chubby guys off the hook for manboobs, which is not good for humanity.

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